yamaha yzr

Im working on a model of a yamaha yzr m1. I don’t know anything about motorcycles but I found a picture of it and thought it was a beautiful piece of machinery. These are the first renders Ive done. still working on body, cleaning up the wire frame and whatnot. Im probably going to get started on the back wheel assembly pretty soon. Suggestions, comments, criticisms, critiques, random bits of information?


Looks good so far. Hard to crit without a wire (impossible to spot where modeling improvements could be made).

here are some wireframes. whats the best way to get all the triangles out of the mesh?


first try this in edit mode press A to select all > mesh > faces > tris to quads and that should get rid of some of them, then the rest you’ll have to work out it’s just like a puzzle getting rid of them so you’ll have to work it out on how but i usually start by deleting one of the edges that make up the triangle.

why is this happening? there are no materials on the wheel and hub and I removed all doubles


You may have 2 identical objects sitting in the same space, move it around and see if you leave the extra behind, also recalculate normals.

this is what I got so far. I recalculated the normals and made sure there were not overlapping objects and I still got the same result…any other suggestions?


Try to open up a new file and load the objects into it from this file.

If that doenst work maybe, you extruded accidentally a bit too much for blender to recognize the doubles.

I dunno…strange, you can always share a .blend

what I have so far…I fixed the problem with the back tire, it was a problem of doubles created by the mirror modifier


I tried to post the .blend but it told me the file was too large…

Beautiful so far.

what is a good way to model the chain?


try do it like a tank tracks with arrays and curvs :slight_smile: