YAMC - Yet Another Minecraft-like Clone

Just another Minecraft clone/similar game prototype, nothing too fancy :slight_smile:


Almost finishing this small game, and also I did this draggable menu.


nice work, is the gfx mesh all one object?

physics objects are marched?

There are several objects, and all of them parented to another objects who moves whenever I click and drag the mouse over it. Nothing too fancy :slight_smile:


And I also did this turret for the game:

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More updates here…

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It’s amazing :smiley:

Thanks! :cool:

Another update here:

Not the actual gameplay, just improving some code and Logic bricks from the turret behavior.

I’m using the UPBGE here, and the BF-BGE only to use some addons that are not avaliable in the UPBGE.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Here is another little update about this project :slight_smile:

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Here is another gameplay video about my game project, with several updates.



Amazing video as usual :smiley:
However FPS seems low with the latest update :thinking:

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Thanks! :smiley:

Yeah I noticed :thinking: , but I think this is because I had several apps running in background in that moment and I also noticed when recording the video the FPS was quite lower so, thats why, I guess.

But it still runs Ok without severe FPS drop when executing only Blender :sweat_smile:

Are you planning on releasing your game (?)

Sure! but to be honest I don’t know when :sweat_smile: , making games is a hard task, and things you planned to do, end up to be not so good enough at some point , and then a start over is needed.

But at least I still find enjoyable the process of making this project, that’s whats count, I guess :grin:


Another update :sweat_smile:

Maybe its time to use some BatchGroup here, at this time almost everything is done with logic bricks and it works OK, but it would be nice to try.


Did you not build in an rotate option before you place it?

oops i see, nicely done!

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Yes I tried but it was a bit tricky taking into account the way I did the core mechanics of the cubes, and I would need to have a full modification.

At this time I came across several other ways to implement the same function but in a more simpler way, and that’s why I think about to implement geometry instance and batch. But I need to see some examples to see how it works because I’m not good enough yet coding.

Thanks man! coming from you, means a lot :sweat_smile: