Yamo - UPDATE 27.Nov Animated Wobbling Pg3

Do you remember the Yamo from the 80s classic game ‘Bruce Lee’? I started to model my own version of him.

kroopson and dante, I promise to make it more complex than the virus I posted in the Finished Works forum :wink:

See http://www.yamoslair.com/yamo.html for reference.


Hey, looks like a good start. I’ll say more if you complete more ;),

…here’s an update:


hes FAT! :smiley: his face i think looks too square.

Looking really good. I like the eyes :smiley:

Nice draw. Btw… do you use Power Mac G4 or G5?

orion119net: Yes, he is fat - he’s a sumo wrestler :D.
At this time, I’m not sure how square I’ll keep him. The original Yamo is veeeery square, as you can see below. Maybe I’ll keep something of this look :stuck_out_tongue:


mr_bomb: Thank you!

Burt.S.: Thanks! I’m using a Windows XP machine (AMD Athlon 64 3400+ - 1GB RAM - ATI Radeon 9800 XT). I started with Blender years ago on a Silicon Graphics O² - still got it, it’s such a beautiful machine.

I like his squaredness - It fits his character. Only thing is, he looks too freindly at the mo… I think its his mouth that causes this effect.

I know no-one that fat, and i guess the chin idicates a strength of character, but it is rather well defined, isn’t it?

very cool so far

bobthevirus: Yes, he won’t stay that friendly after I rigged him - I chose this neutral mouth setting for modelling only ;). It’s fun to model a fat character - especially the bumpy cheeks and the chin. I can’t wait to continue with his body :D.

@ner: Thank you!

Here’s an update - I’m on holiday for the next 3 weeks but I’m taking my notebook with me and if the weather is bad (I’m going to Scotland ;)) I will give him a body… stay tuned.


BTW: The hair is just a placeholder at this time.

very good so far. no crits

Awesome work so far. Don’t see anything to crit.

very nice so far

:o very nice, that is one fat person, lol

Wow, he’s phat.

yes he’s phat but fat :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay, someone got my bad joke. lol

lukep, mr_bomb, PiroXXI, Dsaber, Jay Eff and Grimreaper: Thank you very much, I’m happy that you like him. Just wait until he gets a body (and an evil smile), no more fatty-jokes then :P. I hope that I can keep up the ‘phatness’ ;).

Enough said, I’m packing my bags now - just downloaded the last CVS version of Blender to my notebook. Let’s see if Yamo gets a body ‘Made in Scotland’ :D.



Wow, he really looks like he would be a tough sumo to get past. You’re doing a nice job so far :slight_smile:

very cool very green lol. can you tell me a good tutorial on how to do that i triesd the one on this site and i don’t understand it all. keep blending