Yanagi Dojo - taking it to the next level?

Pardon the large wide images.

I feel like the basic form of this Japanese dojo and garden is pretty much ready.

However, I’d like to take the rendering to the next level, and make it more photorealistic with Blender Internal renderer.

What do you think it would take?

Some stats:
4 million vertices
4 million faces
3600 materials
FOUR image maps (the rest is all procedural)
A couple custom patches to Blender for panography and materials

Several other images at its own page:


Wow, you have a great sense for the detail.
Stunning dojo, feeling at ease already.
I think the inside of the dojo is idd ready but I’m not too sure about the garden.
I mean it’s beautiful, with the sandals etc. but a Japanese garden is more then that.
Even around a dojo.
Also, they’re quite seasonal. In springtime you could add a Prunus Japonica, famed for its showers of pink leaves when they fall from the trees.
Or red Japanese Maple in autumn.
Pretty difficult to model all that I suppose, but quite a challenge.

On the first image, I feel like the scene is too much enlighten. I mean, it would give the scene a more “comfortable ambiance” if you add shadow and darken the area below the little roof or the trees…

No need to say its an amazing scene but you are looking for way to improve it even more!

You’ve got the mood spot on, but you need to make the water more alive, maybe more blue, but make it seem more… happy.

Good work!

The ladle-looking thing in the second picture is noticeably not smooth/subsurfed.

Good work otherwise,

I agree with the water thing. I looks kinda flat. Maybe you would want to make it appear clear and shiny, reflecting sun rays on the white wall.

Any bamboo, shoji screens “lights” ?

Thanks to all who gave feedback. I agree the ladle looks a bit rough in that closeup. The underwater scenes could use a bit more work on detail too, but it’s a matter of deciding where the camera really will go.

I have some voronoi “fake caustics” animating on the white wall and under the roof, but considering the render time can go from 75min to 4hrs on regular resolutions, I won’t be doing much animation at full power. The rest of the comments about the water needing more “life” are right-- I need better environment, more careful fresnel and rippling.

Yes, as seen from inside, the rice paper shouji and lanterns are translucent, and area lights behind the paper try to show the structure of the rice paper as well as the shadows of the willow leaves. Two small area lights are inside each lantern, one upward and one downward.

I need more bamboo but it’s a bit hard to model nicely. Each joint is complicated, and repeating a joint too many times will look artificial. I think I’ll be putting tall bamboo on the far side of the garden wall, to give more shade, green indirect lighting, and atmosphere to the small garden itself.

Again, thanks for comments and I’ll welcome any others.

Just one more thing, the waters looks clowdy and seems there’s no bottom, some black stones perhaps would be nice ?

Great work man, real close ATD

The river seems king of empty tho. I dont know much about japan so I don’t know what flora/fauna they would have, but maybe some lillies or a small frog.

it’s very good, but i think the texture of the ground could be improved where it hits the water. right now it is reminding me of carpet.

Use soft shadows, make te sun light more towards yellow, maybe add some procedural bump textures… and nothing more is possible with internal render. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work, only light and textures should be improved.

Don’t think lilies pads are possible, it’s moving water, which reminds me, there should be moss growing on the rocks and ripples where the water goes around the rock. Maybe some more illumination on the light part.

I’m still pretty new around here and don’t really do to much browsing in the Finished or WIP sections but this i have to say is the most photorealistic blend i have ever seen! :smiley: My one suggestion is: on the back white wall in the first picture, it looks a little too bright compared to the rest. I would try lowering the reflection a little and see how it looks.

Other than that, i love it!

In the first picture, the shadows look harsh. Maybe try softening them a little to give a more relaxed, peaceful feeling to the scene? Just a thought from a total scene-making n00b though.

My only real problem is with the water. It looks still, yes, but it doesn’t look real. It’s so grey. I reminds me of the plastic “water” they use in model train layouts. It could use a little work.