Yankees Baseball Sports Ring

Design created and modeled entirely in Blender 2.81, rendered with Cycles.
Ring with the Yankees Baseball team logo, white gold, blue enamel, white and black diamonds and light blue topze, the design is my own from scratch.

This design is part of my tutorials on jewelry design on my Youtube channel.
It was created on request of one of my followers, thanks German for the idea!

I worked hard to create the scene from scratch with grass (no addon used) and red dirt from the baseball field to make a macroshot of the rings in a pertinent and attractive environement. As some know, I don’t follow nor approve the boring white background standards for jewelry renders, white backgrounds are dull and confortzone type for the non creative designers. Really interesting jewelry designs need according settings (even if many times, creating such background takes way more time than designing the jewel itself!).

So, this is my latest creation. I hope you enjoy!

Final 4K render

Video tutorials available at (in Spanish, long realtime videos)
Part 1

Part 2

Some screenshots of the scene: