YANQ: semi-transparency in renderings

My first post: Yet another newbie question!
I want to render my model, which has some transparent (glass) parts, open the rendering in gimp or phosho and be able to see “through” the transparent partsto the background. It seems like when I turn on the alpha channel while rendering that only the sky that I see directly is made transparent but sky seen trough the glass remains blue. I would like to keep all the reflections and such the glass makes, of course. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hi !

I’m not sure because I haven’t checked, but you may achieve the expected result using the Unified render…


Try rendering with Premul instead of Key.

I answered your duplicate post on blenderman.org and show a sample image.


Thanks for the tip, Greybeard. I didn’t know that about ztrans. I encountered the same problem before and I just assumed it was not possible. Too bad ray transparency doesn’t support this feature. Is there a possibility of this being available to the ray transparency option? Ray transparency looks so much nicer.

thanks again, GreyBeard! This was exactly what I needed to know.