YANSP: Yet Another New System Post

OK. I am in a position where I NEED to get a new system. Unfortunately, like most of us, my budget is tight.

This is not a gaming machine. I will be using it for mainly: coding, blender, photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, premiere, after effects.

Here is what I am thinking. Please provide feedback as to areas you think where money could be better spent. Thanks!

(1) ViewSonic E90FB (Black) 19" PerfectFlat CRT Monitor
NewEgg.com - $209.00

(1) Case / 350W Power Supply - $35.00

(1) AMD XP 2700+ - ~$115.00

(1) MSI NFORCE2 Mainboard - ~$75.00

(1) 512MB PC2700 or PC3200 RAM - ~$75.00

(1) Nvidia GForce FX 5700 - ~$150.00

(1) CD / DVD player - $30.00

(1) Western Digital 80GB HD - ~$75.00

Total: $764.00

Ladies and Gentlemen, your thoughts please…

I would suggest getting a better power supply, around 450W. Other than that it’s a good system for the money I think.

I don’t believe you need a stronger power supply. You only have 1 hard drive, and only 1 optical drive. And remember that the Shuttle SFF’s only have 200w power supplies and they run smoothly.

However, you should look at getting 2 sticks of 256MB ram instead on 1 stick of 512. The NForce2 boards can increase your memory bandwidth from 64 to 128 bit this way, with a pretty good boost in performance too. This will cost an extra $10 to $15. I STRONGLY suggest Kingston HyperX memory. PC2700 with CAS 2-2-2-5-1t timings. The lower the timings, the better the memory will perform.

Make sure that when you get your CPU that you buy the retail version. The OEM versions don’t come with the warranty. Plus, the stock Heat sink is pretty darn good! But invest $5 in a tube of Arctic Silver Céramic.

You can find these items in my wishlist here:

I WOULD recommend AGAINST using a cheapo power supply like the ones that come with $35 cases. Get a case like the Ahanix DBox (awesome- comes with drive stealths!) without a powersupply and then invest in a Zalman or Antec power supply.

Hmm. Well I decided to hold off on the new system after all. I NEEDED it because I got laid off my job and now am going to be working for myself and needed a work machine. Fortunately, my ex-boss is going to sell me my old machine (only a 750MHz) for $200, and my old 22" NEC FE1250+ monitor for another $200. The computer is a tad slow by today’s standards, but I figure with a new biz my main priority needs to be saving money and making money - NOT spending money.

Thanks for the input though, hopefully if things work out good I will be able to afford the new system before too long! Plus with the new Blender ray-tracing the age of this old CPU is starting to show.