Yarn Unraveled

I saw this effect in a commercial, and decided to try and recreate it with Blender. I used the cloth simulator on a string of vertices.
One thing I’d like to do is make a more realistic string material. Any ideas on how I might do that?

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Nice technique!

At the moment I think you have a halo material on the strip of vertices, and it’s quite hard to make this look more string-like.

You’d need to make it a spline with width so it has a surface, or maybe use the particle system to give it multiple twisted strands.

Procedural texture, clouds, maybe hard noise, make the size small, on map to reduce one of the sizes so it goes with the string

very nice!!!

@yogyog: What exactly is a spline? I’ve heard the word, but I’m not sure exactly what it means.

Good animation. The other aspects should be a challenge… awaiting progress :wink:

I tried creating a particle system so it would be made of several small strands twisted together. It looked fine as long as the string was stationary. If it moved, it became obvious that the normal values of the vertices don’t change with the cloth simulation. The particles strands all continued pointing in the same direction regardless of the position of the string.

So I’m thinking I might need to make a yarn out of a cylinder instead of a 2d string, and add some sort of texture to it.

Hey that’s cool!

in Blender terms - it’s a curve.