YASH - Yet Another Sculpted Head. (9/7) Did some tattooing. :)

I started out box modeling a head and decided to use it as a base to sculpt with. I am happy with the results so far as I didn’t use a reference image.
I regret having the eyes and mouth open holes though - it’s making it tough to work with the eyes.
I need to do the ears and will probably retopo them and paste them onto my cartoon female head to continue working on that. I stopped because of the ears. lol. Any C&C is welcomed.

I started working on the ears.

I finished the ear and did some tattooing. I used Alchemy to generate the tattoo. I am not too thrilled with the ear, but I am thinking of giving him a hoody and covering it. lol. This is a lower res head that I baked with the hi res to get the normal map. I am happy with it because I didn’t follow a tutorial and it went smoothly. I know it is no show stopper but I am happy with how my skills are progressing. Any C & C is always welcomed.

Without following references it turned out damn good.

The ear seems to have a bite out of it but the main problem is it is connected to the head too close to the outside, it needs to come in from the outer edge before attaching to the head.

Jonathan Williamson done a great 6 part head modelling tutorial over on cgcookie.com and you might find the 5th part interesting - modelling the ear. http://www.cgcookie.com/articles/2009/02/23/modeling-a-human-head-part-5-ear If nothing else you get a close up of an ear mesh and get a better idea of where you should be.

Not sure why this is a sculpt as its not very detailed at all. This is like a pretty basic head model which you ought to build in edit mode mostly. Sometimes the sculpt tool is kinda useful for tweaking a model a little bit, but mostly its supposed to be for adding detail to a high poly mesh which can be converted to displacement maps or normal maps for animation purposes. Anyway try and even out the topology on the forehead cause its making a wierd fold. Also I’m not entirely sure if I’m correct, but it kinda looks like the mouth is kinda flat. The corners should be moved back to fit around the shape of the face.