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yeah…Yet Another Seq Plugin
I have been checking out the usefullness of adding image filters to the seq editor and threw this plugin together to test my filter function. It has 4 basic 3x3 filters (sharpen, edge, emboss, and blur) and a setup so that you can easily experiment with your own filter settings.


It’ s not all that useful but it’s kinda fun to play with…
here is a good page for learning the basics of image filtering

Wow, that’s really cool. And I like your dog too!

Great. As a sugestion, why don´t you code some other functions for the sequencer, like brightness/contrast, color correction…

would be lovely :slight_smile:

there’s no stopping teh paprmh! :smiley:

@xarton: glad you like both :smiley:

@olivS & Rangel: here’s YASP just for you :Z
I spent a couple of days looking into brightness and contrast control but it’s gonna take a bit to figure out how to accomplish that in the seq editor…then last night I got an idea for a quick plugin and started hacking at my chromakey code to come up with this:
[edit] this has been updated, links removed[/edit]
this plugin allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, and value of either the whole frame or a selected range of hsv values…

I didn’t like how our screen tent didn’t match our tent or chairs…
so I changed it…

How is this for a start?

@qwe: 8)

Wow, that’s really good! Can you make bigger copies of those pics so we can see it in more detail?

Ok, here you go…I cropped a 1024 x 768 of the screenhouse only for these.(origionals were 2048x1536)
~300k each…

Even the panels inside of the screenhouse changed color

The rock in front is almost exactly the same hue as the panels so there is a small tradeoff…either there is a very small orange outline around parts of the screenhouse or the rock starts to turn blue (or both…here I compromised…you can see a bit of blue on the rock and there is still a bit of orange in the outline of the screenhouse)

That is very good - it takes a very good looking-at to notice any parts that haven’t changed.

ok, I have added brightness, contrast and gamma controls to adjust-hsv… the brightness and contrast sliders adjust the selected part of the image and the gamma effects the whole frame.


contrast turned out to be much easier to implement than I had origionally thought… :slight_smile:

Hi paprmh,great work!.
I have a little feature request,sorry for this but maybe it’s not difficult to implement ,and I think that could be very useful for compositing.
Now that you are coding sequences plug-in,can you code a plug-in which do simple math operations on one(or two,depends on the operator) input images?Something like invert,screen,overlay and so on?(like layers in gimp or photoshop)
I know that it’s possible to do this with add,sub and multiply but for a simple operation the sequence become a bit complex.
by the way,thank you for your work,very good.

[edit] all these separate plugins are combined in layer2 so the links have been removed[/edit]

@renderdemon: those are downright easy… and I even added a opacity control for the blend effects 8)

alphablend (control opacity of second strip)
negative (inverts colors- 1 strip only)*

I found several sites with the proper algorithms and set up a template file so I could crank out more of these layer blend modes quite easily…

  • sirdude made a plugin called invert which not only does the same thing but also allows rgb & hsv color correction…so it does more or less what both negative and adjust-hsv do but with a different approach…

Yeah,great work paprmh,now it’s more easy to compose strips,thank you very much.
In MHO the sequence editor it’s a truly powerful feature of Blender,but a bit hidden.

:o Wow! Very good! All very useful, specially the alpha blend!

[edit] all these separate plugins are combined in layer2 so the links have been removed[/edit]

Hmmm… seems that the community is being flooded with new seq plugins…so this probably isn’t the best time to add more…

I had already put together 4 more blend mode plugins so I might as well post them anyway…

lighten only
darken only

Now I have a question for any of the people who use my plugins.
Up to now I have usually tried to cram as much as I could into each plugin that I have coded (lotsa buttons- more complex to use)… these last 8 have been quick and simple.

QUESTION: would it be better to stuff all 8 into one plugin for efficiency, or is it better now with separate plugins for each effect?

I would say that they would be better to be put into a single plug-in suite and then a user could select the plug-in from a drop down menu.

As Rangel said about colour correction - would it be hard to work on it. - It seems like there is interest from a number of people.

Thank you paprmh, other useful add ons.
In MHO a good way could be a general plug in that can handle opacity for modes,the differents mode all in one(screen,overlay,divide,and so on)and maybe(?) a matte(a greyscale image like a layer mask in photoshop or gimp)to further control the effect of the composition
The idea is to create a general composite operator,like in node based programs(shake or digital fusion have this kind of stuff)but to be honest,I don’t know how much could be difficult to implement(in particular the matte image),the way sequencer functions is a bit different I’m afraid.
Probably I’m asking too much,you had always done a great job.

@miffwhite: adjust-hsv lets you adjust hue, saturation, value, brightness, contrast , and gamma…what other color corrections do you think would be useful to add?

@renderdemon: You are very welcome…these last few plugins have actually been quite fun (and very easy) to code. I will look into implementing a mask effect for you soon
have you ever checked out joeri’s wipeoutplugin? It will mask with a greyscale 3rd strip…or do you just want that capabilty added to my layer plugin?

plugin fact for the day:
Plugins have a very limited gui… the layout is just columns of 6 buttons - basically all you can do is put them in a certain order and maybe add a label here and there to organize the columns. Also, very few of the button types that you see in blender are available to a plugin. I figured out how to add a text button and a TOG3 button(with a bit of help from Zr) a while back but the really neat buttons like radio, row, and dropdown menus are not yet implemented for plugins.

anyway, I also thought that all of the layer blend modes should be in 1 plugin…and since it is sort of a layer emulator…

[edit3] this has been updated, links removed[/edit]

Now 8 blending modes in all:
and an opacity slider.
what I called alphablend is now normal mode like it is in gimp
I also figured out how to dynamically change a button’s name so now there is a label button that changes to tell you what mode you are in :smiley:

Hi paprmh, I have tested a bit your new layer plugin and it’s works perfect!
It’s really easy to use and clean. May I suggest you to add a softlight
mode?At work I use it to compose ambient occlusion and diffuse pass and work very good.
About masking I have tried the wipeout plugin and the results are a bit strange,it does not seems to composite 2 strips based on a third strip,but invert the colors,now I have little time,maybe I’m doing something wrong.
A masking plugin could be very useful,in MHO the less strip we use,more easy is working with the sequencer,if you can manage to put a matte function in your new layer plugin the results could be even better.
I appreciate very much the work you are doing in this area, I’m using more and more the sequencer to layer materials(a thing that in blender cannot yet be done)and this kind of stuff are very useful,thank you very much

hiya renderdemon, like I said, adding more blend modes is easy…the only drawback from here on in is that the tooltip for the mode selector is full :slight_smile:

Hereis the site where I have been getting the algorithms for the blend modes… I chose the XFader softlight algorithm because it seemed better. If you see any others that are useful just let me know - most of them seem pretty redundant to me…

I will check into implementing a mask mode…

BTW… re-download the plugin in the above links for version 1.1… and it just took me 20 min to add softlight :wink: