YATMT! (Yet Another Temple Mee Too)

(S68) #1

Ok, current thread is temples, mine is maybe less original than JG’s :slight_smile:

<edit> link now show Version 2.0 !!!</edit>

Next steps:

1 - A landscape
2 - Materials & textures
3 - Something inside
4 - A statue on the top?



P.S. for the curious: 293kVertexes, 409kfaces…

(ec2) #2

Nice modeling. I really like the level of detail.

(Krabat) #3

the collums are very nicely made and i like the design of the “fire-bowls” at the four corners, as well as the ornaments on the roof.
the steps of your temple seem to have slight irritations, they are not completly flat, which makes the temple really look built, as no real old temple/castle/whatever has absolute straight corners…
after long thinking the only thing i might propose is to alter the corners of the temple itself, it’s looks like cube with a doorway (with a very nice brick texture).



(S68) #4

Thanx people :slight_smile:

Herm… texture? There is no texture (yet) Those are individual bricks/tiles/steps etc…


(sten) #5

Nice done Stefano !!

(Andy Goralczyk) #6

nice work, Stefano. great details. :smiley:
/me bows, too

(BgDM) #7

Very nice. IMO, the blocks at the base do not suit the blocks of the temple. Either make everything roughed up, or everything smooth. The mixture doesn’t work, fo rme anyway. :wink:

Also, the blocks of the temple seem to be a little large in scale. maybe make them a bit smaller?


PS: Are you gonna finish that church of yours as well?

(Jolly Gnome) #8

Wow, that’s a great looking temple! Maybe you could add some smoke coming from the braziers :slight_smile:

(S68) #9

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Well, it’s a style not uncommon here, for reinassance palaces, you have rought stones ground floor, quite smooth but stil beveled first floor and perfectly smooth second floor…

I just tried something different :wink: Thanx for commenting!

One of theese days…

Hehe… what will came out from there will be a surprise :wink:


(blengine) #10

beautiful lighting! i dont really like the bigger bricks surrounding it…
everything else is just wonderful, great detail level!