Yavin-4 Hangar

Yavin 4 Rebel Hangar, with a parked x-wing. Referencing a lot of A New Hope movie stills.



Ohh… this is cool! I like the hazy light, gives the hangar some real depth. Did you model all of it in Blender directly?

Thank you! Yes everything in the scene was modeled in Blender + textured in substance painter. I used the Physical starlight and atmosphere plugin for lighting the scene.

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This was very inspirational. I’m still new to Blender and I’m thinking of what to actually do with it. I had never even considered doing something like this where you extend the set from an existing movie.

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much Bart! Appreciate it =)

I must say, this is a very impressive still image from A New Hope. I am more into the old Star Wars movies than the sequel trilogy, so this is a very detailed render. And you made this all in Blender? Impressive. Most impressive.

The parked X-Wing in the back is something nicely done, and with the Rebel pilot walking up to it is a nice touch to the scene. The hangar, too, is nicely done with the lighting and stuff you put in.

You’ve just received a like from me. It’s quite interesting, that I could just babble on for hours on end about it, but I should probably cool off about the details you’ve done.

Still, I love this! You’re going to make other stills from the original trilogy, right? The Hoth Rebel base hangar with the Millennium Falcon in it? Just a suggestion if you wanna make that one from Episode V. You could basically remake the scenes from Star Wars and make them better…I’d love to see that happen if you could.

Thank you! Yes, modeled in Blender, and some assets textured in Substance Painter + mega scan textures. I am planning on doing a few more matte paintings like this from the Original Trilogy and Rogue One.