A game character for an upcoming game called ‘‘Princess of Galaxia’’ on Unreal engine 4.
It has got around 40k tris.
I’ve used Blender 2.83, Substance painter, gimp and maya for the hair cards.
My artstation page:

The game facebook page:

Show some love, please! :–)

Some viewport shots:

I like your character style very much!
I love the way your textures look, not too realistic, but very well defined and crisp. The graphics and patterns are all very nicely made and the choice of colors looks spot on to me. Overhaul a very pleasant character! :smiley: Congratulations!

You mention “Maya for the hair cards”. Why did you use Maya for that specific task? Are they more difficult to make in Blender?

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I am really happy that you love it, thank you!
Maya has xGen which is more functional and has many features in my opinion, so that helps in the process of making the hair card textures,
I simply generate the hair carda as texture maps then move to blender to add them to the character,
xGen also had many tutorials when I was searchinf about hair cards,
Hope that helps

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Thanks for the explanation!
I need to google a bit for xGen :slight_smile:
Best regards

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You are welcome,
Best luck on that!:heart:

Images without post processing: