decided to test the new bloom feature. :slight_smile:


looks really cool dude, bloom whats that?

the glow effect from spectacularity highlights.

o ok kl, very nice picture.

wow, that is so sweet. Where can you find bloom, anyway?

Just as I suspected, another very nice spaceship.

  1. Why’s it called Yawn ?
  2. Why’s the glow effect called bloom ?

Cool render. Worthy of a sci-fi poster in the bedroom. 8)

  1. Why’s it called Yawn ?
    The title of the image is “Dusk Patrol”. yawn :stuck_out_tongue:

Bloom looks pretty good, hope to see it in the next release :slight_smile:

Bloom is in this release. Accessable through the sequence editor.

yes, it’s in the sequence editer, called Glow.

truth to tell, I don’t quite know why they call it bloom…maybe something related to blooming flowers? how the spectacularity blooms outward? Dunno.

and yea, Yawn comes from Dusk patrol. :smiley:

I think I understand bloom, but could someone just spell it out for me so that I know what the heck it is?

EDIT: Your lensflare looks REALLY fake towards the bottom, where it’s brown.


it’s a photoshop lensflare. it’s still about 50 times better then a blender one…

First off, I love the image! My only crit is that there seems to be some strange shading artifacts on the ships small left wing.

Bloom - “Glare that is caused by a shiny object reflecting too much light into a television camera.”


How do you go about creating the glowing lights on the side of the ship? Are they Halo’s?

… %|
What does it say in the first post?

why do you call it bloom - it’s called glow, have been since before it was intergrated.

Just because blender decides to go against the accepted term for something, doesn’t make it so. :smiley:

It’s bloom in any other 3D program I know of, including real time engines…

So? Bumpmapping in blender is called normal-mapping, and so are a lot of things named differnetly, but that doens’t mean it should be changed! It gives blender personality.

I didn’t quite follow what it was that had the glow. At first I thought the sun, then I thought the reflection on the ships big wing, then I was thrown off by bennis and lemmy. What am I looking at here?

This is really awesome though. I love that ship model. I’m guessing you’ve had it for awhile and used it for this test. Do you have other pics with it?

who is lemmy?