Yay 2-0 to england


Should have been far more than that.

Still, we won.

I agree mate

damn, I was hoping for a great 0-0 victory for T&T.

That stupid Crouch.
They should stick his head in a tiger’s ass and call him Crouch-in-tiger.

Anyway, I enjoyed the match.

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… and a great one it was.

Finally crouch realised he could jump. I tell you england games are never good for the bloodpressure.

Congrats Sago.
I think the first half was too slow, the second half was even worse. Then I decided I wanted to eat smt and what happens?!

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Unlucky T and T. They should have won.

Helped immeasurably by the standard of ITVs commentary!

It wouldn’t be England if we didn’t make a right meal of getting through the group stages. In fact this seems to be the best in a major tournament I can remember.

England played soooo bad. It’s crazy, there have been three matches that were with 2 unequally matched teams, and in all three cases, the better team played like crap and still pulled off a win with less than 10 minutes to go:
Germany v. Poland 1-0 91st
Sweden v. Paraguay 1-0 87th minute
England v. T&T 2-0 82nd minute

This was my post nr. 911…


Fits well with your sig… but 9/11 is the birthdate of one of my friends… and a good car. And I have NO IDEA what you guys are talking about [/stupid ignorat american]

Actually it was the 89th minute. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess that means at least there’s hope for England. We’re playing crap but at least everyone else is too.

Ronaldo goes into a Burger King and walks up to the counter. “Give me 2 whoppers,” he says.

“Okay,” replies the guy behind the counter, “You’re not fat, and you’ve still got it.”

I actually think Englad plays fairly good. I mean, it’s just a fluke that Drouch missed a couple of shots (from Beckham). Maybe he’s not in his best shape, maybe not the others are either, but, I think they could’ve easily gotten more goals than they did. It’s still only group-play (or whatever you call it), so the teams that are advancing will probably have even better spirit and play better the longer the tournament goes.

england won’t go very far the way they’ve been playing


Now I know why Sancho wasn’t able to jump before Crouch scored.


An undeserved victory maybe, but an undeserved goal for sure.

crouch is ugly and a cheat and as for the the referee…

Yes, the referees are quite strange on this world championchip.
In one of the first games ( I dont remember who playied) it was clear that the ref was on one teams side.

They should stop hiring international refs because they’re international and focus on experience in European games, such as Champions League and UEFA Cup.
If they can have Africans in teams why not allow Southern American refs in the UEFA Cup?

Hmm, name == “mcbeth”, nature == “unexplainably anti-English”, you wouldn’t be another bitter Scotsman by any chance would you?

wah me!.. nah man.