Yep, finished up a short animation to test some atmospheric fx i have been wopkring on and a new rig in my bird model!



music was ripped from a similar animation on the www.hash.com website

Whoah :o

Impressive! Great camera movement, nice half mechanic half organic wing movements!


yeah, downloaded it last night and im very impressed! :o

Good composistion and the soundtrack definatly adds to the atmosphere.

Is this AVi encoded???

And if so with which codec???



I get the audio but not the video

What, you ripped the music from our video!!! :<

HAHA, just kidding. Its cool to see people who like it and made one similar.

I like you video. I know you said its just a test but If you want to improve it I would put the bird farther into the the canyon so that the top of the canyon can’t be seen. And also a good bump and color map would greatly improve it. But overall it was pretty good.

And yes, I work for the company who made the video at Hash.com

its in divx 5.02

man i lovwe the music form that animation, where did you find it?

I’m not sure where the boss got it. He just really liked it and thought it fit the video perfectly.

Great work. [!]

Great Stuff!

(now that I can see it :stuck_out_tongue: )


looks good. I would seem that the movements of the bird could be improved to make them a little bit more bird-like.

  • Is it just me or was the sun triangualr at the first canyon scene?
  • There seems to be a seam in the canon.
  • The shadow of the bird seems to be WAY too big.
  • Might want to avoid showing the edges of the canon, the texture is just streched to repeat and it clearly is a square terrain…it dosn’t have a good horizon.