WOOHOO! finally got my dates for filming, so don’t expect ot hear from me between august 18-22.

Wish me luck

Best of it!

I keep on wondering who you really are? a student in film directing? is it a hobby? how d’you get money for your productions and so on…


Well, sorry to seem mysterious.

I am a 19 year old student in canada. I was planning on attending film school, but didn’t get in due to a thing in Ontario called the Double Cohort. (twice as many students applying as there are university spots due to a mixing of grades) but i’ll be attending next year. Anyhoo, I make films with my friends and some co-workers. Mostly I pay out of my pocket and keep costs down by doing evreythign myself or getting frieds to help for free. Also, some companies provide us with props and costumes in exchange for advertising. This movie will be my first serious attempt at a short film… and a big stepping sotne for blender… all blender fx… photoreal. should be good.

can we see the 3d characters before hand.

i am assuming you will keep us informed on how we can see this film.


good luck!