yay for parent to bone!!!

I must express my joy for the parent to bone addition. This will make a lot of my projects easier. sadly it will not finish any of them though…

What are you talking about? There’s no new version of blender, and yet you say that parent to bone has been implented in the ge? I am utterly confused…

PS: Just saw the bugdix thread but there was nothing there? Maybe cause it isn’t a bug, just hasn’t been implented?

goto blender nation, look for 2.46rc1

Ah I see :slight_smile: OMG It’s fan-friggin-tastic!

parenting bone to object would be more interesting :wink:

or parenting vertices’s from the same object to two different armatures. :cool:

that’d be kewl

Who added parent to bone and since when was it added?

Last I knew the feature was lost after 2.40’s animation recode.

And all the bugs in the old BGE that they were gonna fix, they’re fixed??

And such ALOT of new things!!

My God!!!
Realtime Parent!!!