Yay fray/lighting test


what do ya think?

Seriously? One of the worst yafray renders Ive seen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try more before you post something. Read some tutorials and manuals about Yafray.

I’m sorry but I would have to agree. I would to expect to see some caustics where the glass objects are and everything looks wayyyyy too low poly (especially the pencil-type thing). Keep trying though and you will get it =).

Ignore the queer at the top. :x
Undoubtedly, there are alot of yafray tests out there, but c’mon, what else is this forum for?
The render is alot better than my first few pathetic attempts at yafray, most of which were pitch black :stuck_out_tongue:
And btw, MassTA? Where is a yafray tutorial that goes beyond this point. Exactly. (now i’m all riled up, woohoo.)

or here?
ooor heeere?
and another one… :slight_smile:
and another one on blender site…

Just by reading some stuff on the yafray.org/forums site you can learn a lot. :slight_smile:

P.S. Google is your friend :slight_smile:

P.S. - being a queerball to people trying to learn YafRay is not your friend.

PPS. -thanks for the tuts! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna have to agree with StikerMunc here. Honestly? It’s not a great render, it could be better, but the important thing is that you tried to make a good render. Read some tuts and you’ll be doing great in no time at all.

  1. Its called a TEST.
  2. This is the work in progress forum.
  3. Ive only used blender about 7 times.
  4. Im a self leraner I dont use tuts.
  1. Its called a TEST.
  2. This is the work in progress forum.
  3. Ive only used blender about 7 times.
  4. Im a self leraner I dont use tuts.[/quote]

Don’t feed the troll. Ignore him, and he will go away.

But you should look at some tuts, even if it’s just to see what functions you can use.

Yes I should, but anywho I wasnt going for clear glass. I was going for soft colors mixed with reflective surfaces.

Hmm I agree with StrikerMunc… better than my original test render in yafray… pitch black hehe but learned alot from tutorials and so on, keep in mind that tut are here for a reason, and I can recomend Photon set up, its totaly great to make a realistic picture, but a wrong setup can make it look kinda funky bad stuff G made bunce of that :wink: so keep up the training and u will not be disapointed

(bad english I know but I can’t be any better than I am now :expressionless: )

No need to flame in here guys.
In a few weeks time Smurf will be embarrased enough for posting this anyway.

Oh, and also for posting this:

  1. Im a self leraner I dont use tuts.



Was that your selfdefence?

(Please lock this thread?)

Yeah, this is a WIP thread…not some n00b flame war.

Agreeing with [Kothe]. :-?

Personally, I think a WIP is different than a basic test. If you combine them, for example have a model you are working on and use it to test Yafray or particles or whatever, that’s fine, but I don’t really see a point in posting a test with basic shapes unless it happens to turn out looking really cool or artistic. Most of the people here already know what Yafray can do, and those that don’t probably won’t learn much by looking at a test render.

That’s certainly not meant to discourage anyone from experimenting or posting WIPs, I just think simple tests like this are out of place.

And if people can’t be honest and say they don’t think something looks very good, why bother commenting on anything?

Was that your selfdefence?

(Please lock this thread?)[/quote]
what the hell are you talking about?The guy said P after his reply and I was aksing what it ment.

smurf23: in your last post thier were a few ways you could of said what you said, the best way would be, Oh i was just asking what vliegtuig ment when he said P at the end of his scentance.

i dont have a problem with you posting that image on this forum, but i think it would have been better if you mentiond what you were trying to achieve

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P stands for Peter which is my first name.
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There was a nice discussion I had going…I dont know why it died…


It was about this very thing