Yay! I fixed it. Now... a prevailing dancing theme?

Sorry folks… if the number scale was employed to describe my proficiency in HTML, I’d probably have a negative number.
Anyway. Here is what I’m attempting to do. I cannot get it to work. You get the idea. I’ll repost if I figure out how to get it right.
This is so funny. I feel so embarrassed doing this, but I’ll just try anyway!
Ever notice how odd this emoticon looks? --> :o

Whatdaya know. It worked this time. I tried that when I initially tried to post it. Hee hee.

The html is fine, only one problem… HTML is disabled on this forum. You’re going to have to use the BBcode:


And you get this:


You can do the other one on your own. :wink:

BTW - great drawings!