Yay! I made another game!

Yes, it’s simple, but it’s still awesome. here it is:

Right click and hit save target as

Controls are:
A - go left
D - go right

Tap the buttons repeatedly to go in that direction faster. Holding the button down doesn’t work too well, but you can kind of do it. The goal of the game is to not run into anything! Wow, this is about as simple as it gets, but i still think it’s fun. Try it out and tell me what you think.

Also, tell me what framerate u get + your system specs if you have time, i really need to make this able to work on lower-end systems as well as high.


Cool game! :smiley: It isn’t anything special or hard to do, but fun :smiley:

I couldn’t open the file: <invalid read error> Oh, well…


I get the same error.


Use Blender Publisher to open. Not 2.3 see if that helps…

The NDN…

P.S. Fun game Pooba…

this is great pooba :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, fun game.

Nice game Pooba. Lol, definitely get’s the blood pumping. Hmm, this could be like a 3d version of “fall down” or “fall up” on the TI Calculators.

Oh yeah, I forgot the system specs.
IBM ThinkPad T30
Pentium IV 1.6 GHZ
256 MB RAM
Game runs at about 15 fps

Jason Lin

Wow, simple idea yet great fun
awesome :wink:

You wouldn’t need to hear my fps. My computer is the opposite of low end. Well, here is my fps anyway: 120.4 frames per second. Your ideas could get you some cash!

/me tries to think how pooba gets such good ideas

invalid read error

redownload and open it in 2.25


Can someone link to a copy of the blend with compression turned off?

I seem to recall a mention somewhere that blend compression was imcompatible with recent releases.


Open it in 2.25, otherwise you’ll have a LOT of problems. I could post an executable if need be, but you could download 2.25 just as easily.


It would be easier to download blender publisher, cuz there will be some more games that are made with 2.25… Not that I will make one with 2.25…

Umm… As soon as I press play it says “level complete”

Yes Im using publisher

Hey pooba, all I get when I go to that url is the indented square with the x in it that IE uses to show a picture that is missing?

IE thinks it has something to view that type (perhaps another plugin is associated with it?) and it didn’t work

try right-clicking the link, then choosing save target as
(and make sure you save as a .blend file)

i finnished playing it, i came to the final round :stuck_out_tongue: , that was awsome

finally, finished the 5th level… Fingers ache a little… :smiley: