yay!!! my first "realistic" face model

hi all,
this is the first time i did a (somewhat) realistic face model. it took me about 6 dreadful hours :D.
i need some critique on the loops of the face and the shape of the face (hope it looks like a face after all, :P)
and don’t hesitate to constructively critique anything here.
thank you for the help guys

anyway, below are a snapshot and a render also a blend file

link to the blend file is :

Well, you are doing a good job so far. Just some areas need tweaking or remodeling. For instance the frontal view of the image has some irregular faces, and poles, giving you undesirable results. I have marked some of them in a single red circle for you.

You could also try selecting a few of the verticies on the cheek area and smooth them out in the editing panel those areas are marked with red and orange


Like I said you are doing well, just fix up a few of those areas and you will be getting even better results.

Important for this type of modeling is try, try and try again. One school that teaches modeling makes the students model a human head, then delete it. Model it again and again and again, every time deleting the file on the students. No matter how good the models were. Why? because the more they do it, the better they get at it and the more they recognize where they went wrong.

I am not saying to delete your file, just once this one is done, start another one and see how much more efficiently you can model those complex areas.

Here is a link to a great tutorial that goes into depth about the modeling process of a human head. The author uses Silo, and it is accomplished using box modeling while yours is polygon modeling. But everything is transferable to blender and the priciples apply just as well to box modeling as it does polygon by polygon modeling.

Link to the thread. http://www.subdivisionmodeling.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2347&highlight=devil

You will need a Techsmith codec to view the tutorial, since the author uses Camtasia. Here is the link to that codec.

Look forward to your posts. Keep it up!:yes:

He’s right, keep practicing. I promise your skills will increase every time you try.

A simple trick to tweaking the bent edges (you’ll notice the edges in the places that are lumpy aren’t smooth) is to select the edge with alt+RMB then hide everything else with Shift+h.

Then you can see the kinks easier, and straighten them out. Use TAB to go in and out of Object mode to see the effects of the changes without unhiding the hidden verts. To unhide the verts use alt+h.

thank you all for your thoughts.
@grafixsuz: I am not sure if it is my computer or the attachments are not there. i mean the ones that you put red circles and so forth. i don’t find any attachment or links. please re-post them. thanx in advance.

as for the box modeling tutorial, i read the post on that link, i an find it extremely interesting, and i will definitely try that method. maybe remodel this same mesh using the box modeling method.

@Kaos86 and grafixsuz: i will keep trying and trying and trying, thanx for the encouragement.

@Orinoco: i will try your trick when i go home this afternoon, thanx for the pointer.

EDIT: oops, it was my computer, thanx grafixsuz.

ok, I worked on it a little bit here at work (dont tell anyone, hehe) , and here is a screenshot
i mainly used the “smooth” button, and some deleting.