yay! what do you think of my tee design?

Well, at last i decided to enter Threadless with this design. It was called: “Pacman’s Surrealist Journey”
Please tell me if you like it, and if you want to rate this design on threadless, welcome!

thanks, community!
i’ll do more shortly, i’ve some made with blender :wink: hehehe…


edit: if you want to rate it, please wait till approval! :wink: (i was so excited that i’ve posted here just a few moments after sending my submission)

cool. looks a bit like mayan art.

that is very good!, must have taken you forever to do

that is pretty funky.

would the printing be on the arms and that as well?

That’s the idea. I like to have all ghosts running all over the arms and the rest of the tee :wink:
I takes me about 3 days to finish it. (one or two hours a day, because my hand needs to rest…)
Guys, i hope they approve my entry, then i’ll bump this to remember you to rate it (of course if you can) on threadless. if they print it, tees for everyone! hahaha! :smiley:

Teo_yoni: well it was inspired by pacman and some mayan art, you know… i was seeing the Dresden codex when i decided to start :wink:

here’s the original design

I like it!

That looks pretty awesome. I’ve thought about doing some stuff for Threadless… It’s the only place I buy shirts. Definitely bump the thread when it goes to vote, cause I’ll 5$ that thing in a heartbeat. Most of the designs on threadless have been seriously lacking in creativity lately.

That is a fantastic design! Please let us know when we can vote for it.


i like, it looks much better than I imagined…