soft bodies introduced into the BGE

does anybody have a tutorial and what are your thoughts…

Go to the release notes for 2.48. You’ll be able to follow them to a super-quick tutorial (more of a resource than anything) section on them.

Does softbodies eat frame rate like Sammaron eats all competition? Also, if i’m not mistaken, Andy, softbodies work in GE if they work in the GUI…but i’m not sure

Are you trying to insult yourself?:D:D jk lol

As far as I know, softbodies will quickly lacerate your framerate if you have to many, but if you just use them for specific things. then you should be ok. They’re very easy to use, just fiddle around with the physics settings in the gamelogic panel.

Yea, and Im not sure but I think when softbodies are interacting with softbodies that your framerate drops

yes it does eat up the framerate excessivly :frowning: — possibly something the developing team could work on in the future — but overall its still pretty awesome!!