Yaya - Grandma


I want show my last character, a personal proyect to make a complete character in Blender. I have used Blender Internal and the hair is made with particles. I’m not satisfied with the final result of the hair, it gave me a lot of problems and I cannot make a rig for the hair. But I don’t see other way to make the hair and I don’t want spent more time in this model for now. Maybe in a future I’ll change the hair with other style.

Software: Zbrush, Blender and a few of post-pro with Photoshop

Oh god, this is an uggly lady, ahah, but the work is awesome, very well done, I loved the hair! I wonder how you did that!

A True artist can make something ugly look beautiful :wink:

Looks superb !
For the Hair, i just read your post on how to make such hair. I probably arrive late (or maybe you tried also) but what about a lattice to deform the hair ?

It looks great though :smiley:

edit : i guess you can even use a curve to deform your lattice that deform your hair particles

That is just awesome! What a great character :slight_smile: If you keep going, you’ll reach Pixar quality :wink:

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Thanks for your comments. Signify much to me.

@ spailler

WTF!!! It’s just that I need for the hair. :smiley:

I tried other things like mesh deform but this is the tool that I was searching.

I think that I can rigging with bones.

Thanks :wink:

your welcome DcVertice (i think it might work with an armature). Again Nice job !

this is great! but, please, if you have time constestualize the character :slight_smile:

I want make the typical photo of a granny in the Living room kniting some cloth. But I do a challenge in my work with a partner and we make differents works each two or three weeks, the last work was a character, the granny in my case, and now i have other works.

I’ll complete the work, but now i prefer don’t spent more time and make a different proyect to learn other thing of blender. Because i want change the hair of the char before make a scene with all the necesary.


Great! I like to be more useful and detailed in my comments, but this one is simply awesome, both in concept and realization.

looks Great !
remind me someone i know :wink:

Great character! I don’t know what you have planned for the hair, but I feel that it perfectly compliments the character as it is!

Lovely! If you find someone who can rig it I’ll be more than happy to give her some life :smiley:


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No, I was thinking in this hair all the moment. But when I see the final result I didn’t like :frowning:

I created the character with this place holder and concept.

@ Gianmichelle

I haven’t animated something in blender, but it’s a great idea. I want learn rigging and animation in blender… well, I know make both things with little test but I want make this with bigger projects like it. Other thing is the facial expresion, I want use bones to learn this way to make it. I’m a old user of 3Dsmax and I used morphs… Is not a bad way but I want learn more things.

In this project I have learn a lot of things. First the SSS shader, I lost half-week to make a good skin shader with the three layer tutorial of Ben Simmonds, Bsurfaces, Hair particles, BI shaders, material nodes,… the sync of Zbrush and Blender,… a lot of things. And I’m happy with the results of all this.

Well, who knows… I can rig the model :cool:

Great model + great Lighting +…
How do you create this hair?
You can teach this?

Nice, I like it. Keep going. :slight_smile:

A great artist makes something beautiful ugly. ;(

The hair is very simple. Only differents objects with the base shape (a rectangle) and a bezier curve to make the curls shape… I duplicated the objects and place in different site. after this I created a general hair to make the big group of hair.

Funny character with a lot of personality! Still I would work under her lips and eyes, they look too realistic, I would go for more cartoonish look.

i see you dont quite understand the reason for making it a mix between realistic and cartoon makes it an original piece in itself not just going under one art form. there are those truly original pieces that dont have to be specifically put into one art category, and this is something you should already know if your an artist no one should have to be sitting here breaking it down to you like your a junior artist, as artist we all strive to be original not tied in with the other artist so you cant discern are artwork from each one anothers.