i cant get it to work. i downloaded blender and yafray the right way and everything, so it doesnt have to do with the file being screwed up. but when i change the renderer to yayfray, and render it, i wait about 5 min…then windows says “not responding” is there some button i have to push or something?

<EDIT> and its not a huge . im just tryign to render a cube. 8 vert’s.

Yet Another Free RAYtracing


first, i think you should post the settings you put it at. i.e.;

power for lighting, cache or photons, etc.

and make sure the background is white(yay) or black(not reccomended)

otherwise, i hope someone else konws :frowning:

What looks fine in the Blender renderer is extremely dark in Yafray. Turn up the power on you lamps(at least that is what I do (I know it is washed out with builtin renderer)).

hmmm… Try version 2.32 :smiley:

ok nvm…i got it working. but i did figure out it wont work with a modle that has over 185336 faces,lol.

anyways, i have another question…how do i add filters?