Ye Olde Blender Community

Not all of you will remember about this. I was thinking about the Blender Community of days gone by, and wondering what happended to all those people. I’m especially curious what happened Shigeto Maeda, or “Shige”… he made what was really the best blender art around at the time… so good they had posters and a book of his stuff in the official e-shop. Now he’s gone.
There are more unaccounted for as well, by me at least. I remember excellentWhale and the IcEmAn, our resident Python gurus. Especially the IcEmAn… whatever happened to him. theeth has always been around of course.
Remember Blendermania? That was a pretty nice site. What happened to the guy who did that? Wasn’t his name Vinnie or something? Where are all these people?

Shige’s been about:

Scott Wilson (X-nihlo or somesuch of Millenium Falcon fame) has just taken up blender again and hangs out on CGtalk.


excellentWhale is Joeri Kassenaar, as you can see, still involved with Blender.
He’s the one doing all the video footage work for BConf.


There are a bunch of old Blender users that haven’t been around for a while. Lyubomir, for instance, as well as other people from the old forums. It would be nice to see them again, but presumably they’ve taken a different turn in their life.

There was this one guy who made excellent car models in Blender, can’t remember the name. Haven’t seen him in a while either. AFAIK he was one of the guys behind the “MASTA”-hoax, or a victim of it. His username started with an R I think and contained the number 60-something…

I feel sad. I’ve been with blender since the .nl days and nobody misses me :frowning:

Course, that’s what I get for barely doing anything with blender I suppose :wink:


i dunno pooba, i don’t think you’ve been away long enough to qualify as missing. we were just about to send out a search party for you though. i wasn’t a member of the community back then, but I learned alot from doing the tutorials of theiceman, [email protected] etc. I imagine alot of people did.

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to miss someone who isn’t gone.

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to miss someone who isn’t gone.[/quote]

What about me?! I’ve been around since Blender 2.12, and still nobody misses me?!! I’m think I’m gonna go slit my wrists now…

I miss you blendermax, but my aim is improving…

Don’t hate me… someone had to say it.

That is REALLY funny. I literally laughed out loud.

Ooooo, wow. %|

Try Pre-CKey days. Yup.

Lol! I’m always up for a good laugh*! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooooo, wow. %|

Try Pre-CKey days. Yup.[/quote]

How could I have underestimated you manliness for such a long time? You’re literally threatening to topple Maddox at the tip of the manliness pyramid! %|

I’m still blending in Palmer, just don’t have an internet connection any more, no telephone either. Gave all of my computers away, except for one. Thought about getting rid of it too, but I’m addicted to blender. Just have to download the latest cvs to compile and try out the new features, can’t control the urge. Can’t remember what my old login was, so I’m starting as a noob again. :o
Sitting in Kaladi Brothers coffee house in Wasilla and I’m almost out of Zen Chai, must be time to go.

Blend on

Michael Velikanje

People come and go hombres.
Accept it.
Just make sure you’re better now than you were back then.
I’m so new I learned from the soothing voice of the famous Greybeard tutorials.
Greybeard you are a GOD!

Glad to hear some news from you. :slight_smile:

So, are you still going gold digging in the cold alaskan winters?


Hey, I’ve often thought about you and what could have happened to you Michael (Velik-M), disappeared into a hologram or ‘gone fishing’. Glad to hear all is well!


W00t, somone else in Alaska blends(Juneau)

Hi, I’m alive!!! :smiley:

Of course, I’m still blending.
And I have a class of Blender at university from next week.

– Shige

theeth : Mining in the winter, no I gave that pleasure up :wink: I realized one day that it was really cold and a lot of work, must have been when i turned 50.

Fligh % : Still here, I miss the community but with out an internet connection it’s really hard to keep up, every thing moves so fast, especially if you only go on line once a week. I haven’t been active with the holography for some time, I do have some nice clear and bright holos though.

Fonix Wircs : Juneau, I was born there. I don’t rember much since I was still squirting green goo into my diapers when we moved 8) . I under stand that it’s changed a little since then 1956-57. I still love Southeast AK having spent a great deal of time in the Hyder area. There’s something about the mountain ocean interface, it just feels right.

It’s nice to know that the world is still turning, waiting for the latest cvs to compile to see what wonders the developers have wrought in the blender code, there’s some great new features, fluids is great.

Michael Velikanje

Hi Shige!

so nice to hear from you and that you learn others the way of Blender where you live :wink: , just great :smiley: !!

ps. I was a member in the days too…I had the nick stonzy back then :slight_smile: …and now I have got a admin status here :slight_smile: