Ye Olde Blender Community

By the way, what happened to acasto? His last post dates back to 2003, and up until that time he had been very active in the community.

His last post was in a thread about anti-Semitism, which sparked a lot of controversy. I’m only stabbing into the blue, but it may have contributed to him leaving.

I miss cubefan and Kansas

I miss cube, but NOT NOT NOT kansas.

I miss cube, but NOT NOT NOT kansas.[/quote]

I think he’s been back for a while actually. Under a different user name. I’ve seen a few users that posted similarly in style to good ol’ cube. One of them is quite likely him. Maybe, just for nostalgia, the mods should unban him and send him a mail about it. Just to see if the beast still needs a cage… :wink:


And whatever you do mods, don’t bring Kansas back for the next few years. Maybe, just maybe, in a few years time people will forget all about his ranting and raving and want him back, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen soon.


I’ve been around for about the same time as you Pooba. You can’t be missed if you don’t go away, but if someone asked me to name good old GameBlender users of olde my list would go something like this:

  • saluk
  • pooba
  • JD-Multi
  • Doc Holiday
  • wiseman303
  • blender_owl
  • z3r0 d
  • doogs
  • dreamsgate
  • Nor.J
  • ineedanewbi
  • blengine
  • bapsis
  • S_W
  • TorQ
  • SHABA1

And of course me gorgan_almi. :slight_smile: I’m sure there’s others a haven’t remembered so no offence to those not on the list. Does that make you feel better pooba? :smiley:

Keith. 8)

Yep, you forgot OTO.

Oh bummer! Sorry OTO! :-?

blendermax do you really have to quote entire large messages every time?? :slight_smile:

Keith. 8)

I miss the great posts of blengine. Though, I know he hangs ou in the game engine forum from time to time.


How could you forget him… he was/is one of the best game-engine heads at elYsiun!

Nope! Message edited :wink:

Ooooo, wow. %|

Try Pre-CKey days. Yup.[/quote]

i first looked at blender in 1.75(?). i got serious about 2.02(?). mwahahha.

I came in at 2.00.
I found it on a mag cd that I originally bought for another game engine that turned out to be crap. :smiley:


He used to anyway. Haven’t seen him in the longest time. It’s too bad. I liked him, he was fun.

Geesh, I’ve been around since the .nl days and no one noticed that I was gone for a whole month?* I must be making a big impression here :stuck_out_tongue:

His name was (well, still is) Vincent Stoessel. He made most of the tutorials there. I also thought Blendermania was a good site (although it could’ve used a redesign, heh).

bmax: acasto is now working at some company named Mountain Showcase (see more here.

*My old computer decided to die of old age, and I just got a new one! YAY!!

You’ll see greybeard around here avery now and uh-gain.

I have to say, he is the first personality here that made me really like the Blender community, and start to think I wanted to stick around. Those tutorials were awesome.

I have been around since 1.72…1999

pretty cool huh…MAN I AM GETTING OLD!!! so is blender lol

I don’t remember exactly what my first version was, but it was in the 1.7’s. It was still shareware back then, imagine! (the C-Key

You know, I was wondering…
What is the oldest thread someone could possibly revive?
(without getting in trouble of course :wink: )

You jerk. Lol

You’ll definately be in trouble for reviving a thread simply for the purpose of reviving it.

Those days of this thread is the ye-olde days now.

I thought threads older than a year were automatically locked.