Yeah! Getting started with blender. Eagle WIP.

The mesh is a bit crappy. Got lots of useless polygons. I don’t wan’t to waste time on those.

that’s looking pretty good, but the tail looks wierd to me.

I’m wondering how the head and claws’ll come out. How are you creating the eagle? Sub-division, extrusion, edge loop division, something else I’m not thinking of?

I’m using all of those. :slight_smile:

I don’t wan’t to waste time on those.

This was the first thing I ever learned about 3d. If you don’t start wasting time on those, you will never, ever get a clean, well detailed mesh like those you envy the professionals so much for. (I envied them at least, and I still do, I’m far from there, but still, you get my point.) :slight_smile:

Erufalion’s right, get them nasty polys sorted out before you do any more. By the looks of it, you can’t have all that many polys. Under 50 I would estimate.

The shape is starting well but the tail needs scaled in a bit at the top. Also, are you using a reference image for the eagle?

It’s been a while since I was an ornithologist but I remember eagles having a bigger wing span - wider at least and not so pointed. Maybe you’re adding feathers though so that will bulk them up.

Reccomended tutorial for good modeling :slight_smile:

I learned a lot from it. Using it will teach you how to design with face loops in mind.

Sorry for beeing an asshole but i fucked up the mesh too much so the project is closed.

too bad dude :frowning: mind postin the .blend for us too see what uv acomplished so far?