Yeah me!!! I did it!

(dreamsgate) #1

After much stalling and dragging my feet, I finally bit the bullet and built a webpage. Come check it out. Comments are always welcome, but be nice, I know absolutely nothing about building webpages and I spent all day stupidly pushing buttons in Adobe Golive to achieve my page (after only 14 hours).

(VelikM) #2

The site looks really good, I really like the poem. The only thing I could comment on is while the background image is really pretty, it took 4 minutes to display after the page was loaded, thats a little slow. The page loaded in 10 seconds which is great.

(S68) #3

Nice site!



(Jolly Gnome) #4

While I liked the looks of your page, the background image (and the images in gallery) loaded really, really slow.
The gallery images… are they large images that are resized with html? If they are, you might consider making thumbnails of the images.
One good rule of thumb what comes to webpage loading time, is that total size of the webpage (that includes all images, html-code, etc.) should NOT go over 50kb. That ensures that even the folks with modems get to see that page fast. If your page loads slowly, most internet users will avoid it. This rule does not apply in whole to galleries, as it is generally known that a large images are big, so you don’t have to worry the images there (though it may be good to tell people the size of the image
I checked the size of the background image. 774.8 kb. That is WAY too much. Try to reduce it, at least below 100kb.

(dreamsgate) #5

thanks for the tips on file size. I looked all through the help file for Adobe Golive and I couldn’t find anywhere where it told me what size. I’ll fix it tonight.

(digitalSlav) #6

this thread contains some info on compressing jpg’s
you should also cut down the actual size of the image length and width if they are really really huge this will cut down on the actual file size tremendously!

never actaully saw the background or images as i don’t have the time to wait can’t wait to see it when it’s running smoothly!!

(dreamsgate) #7

I fixed the site tonight, well I hope I fixed it. I made the image sizes much smaller. Sorry they were so big. I’m used to working with files in the 5-75MB range, I don’t see many k’s & kb’s.

thanks for all the comments.

(Jolly Gnome) #8

Now it seems to load nicely, good work there :wink:
(one reason, why you didn’t notice the slow loading time, is that you already have the images in cache)

(bmax) #9

crappy website!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :smiley: