Yeah my 1501 message.

Lol, it took me a while, but I kept myself avoiding spamming around the elysiun forum, but finally I got my 1501 post. Now I have to reach the another 1409 posts. I would like to thank everyone on Elysiun for helping me with questions and so on. I really like this community and defently want to stay here while using Blender 3D and Python (which I’m learning now)

I’ll keep going to help people here with there questions, most of the time I’m in the Game engine forum, because I use that a lot. In the future I’ll also do something back for the community. Right now I’m setting up a resource server included a share program, and I do this together with Nor.J who did most of the share program code in python.

I hope this community will stay as long as I life, because I can’t imagine that this all will disappear sometime. If this happens and we don’t have a place to talk about, I’ll do everything to set something up as this again. Until that time we hope elysiun will be here forever. :stuck_out_tongue:

So Blender heads and chicks, Keep posting helping and ofcourse Blending. :smiley:

Greetz JD-Multi 8)

well congrats %| .

Same with me, and what’s important with this 1409 posts to go thing?

Don’t even think about it.

Bwargh… I hate threads about postcounts… but I can never let them be without replying… kansas… wouldn’t you love to have 1500 ? Your answer will be probably no… because there’s no higher than monkey for normal users…that’s why your posts per day dropped…

Well actually the post count doesn’t count, but I told myself if I had that amount of posts I would talk in general to the community to thank everyone in here, not to talk about posts. :slight_smile:

just can’t wait till im a satan! lol jk. :stuck_out_tongue:

i was. its fun for one post

It would be sad but i’d grab PHPBB and toss it on my domain, that wya we’d get at least a small par tof the community back.


Not for that reason, I just turned into someone who doesn’t spam much :wink:

i thought you were already him. :-?


ok, who voted “ill be happy then”?!?!

i thought you were already him. :-?


ok, who voted “ill be happy then”?!?![/quote]

My guess would be ‘whatever’

Congrats I guess. You don’t seem to spam that much. Your English also seems to be improving.

Your English also seems to be improving.

Haha… that’s the most funny line in this whole useless thread… What did you say ? He doesn’t spam?

Not as much as some of us.