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Have fun! :mad:

(cough) Monsanto?

Yeah. Pretty cool huh?

Monsanto is earths cancer, well and causing peoples cancer as well.

Get 'em young eh?

Why exactly is this a bad thing?

You do know who Monsanto is and that they’re up to? Nothing they do or did ever had any good intention for mankind.
Monsanto along with the Food Industry are the worst things for mankind in the 21st century, right along with AREVA.

Of course they aren’t focused on helping mankind. They are doing it for the money, like any other company in the world. If you’re against it, don’t blame the company, blame the customers who pay for the services.

Anyway, I was referring to the pdf in the first post, it’s simply a children’s activity book, just like any other.

I don’t know anything about the Monsanto thing, but that seems like Fallout-satire of child-directed propaganda. Funny in a way, but sad when education systems are in such a bad shape that they need to accept this kind of material.

I don’t blame them for profit, or not helping mankind (which they actually try to tell you) - but for harming mankind.
And their “customers” usually have no choise but to pay, no matter if they want their stuff or not.

I blame them for making GM crops that die unless you use their plant protections which mostly are carcinogenic but get FDA approved because of lobbying and the revolving door syndrom present in the US goverment.

I blame them for conterminaiting pure and natural plants with GM crops simply by the natrual spread of seeds and then blackmailing farmers either to pay license fees for monstano patented crops or lawyer them into bankrupcy.

I blame them for creating transgenic plants causing mutations in crop. Mutation and wind doesn’t care if GM plants are forbidden in a country…

I blame them for PCB, for dioxine, Aspartame and such, killing thousands of people without ever bringing the responsible people to justice.

I blame them for holding ~90%! of Indias crop. The farmers there all have GM conterminated fields, thus being subjects to license fees and all have to rely on Monsantos plant protection which is so expensive that many farmers commit suicide after complete bankrupcy. Not to mention they use carciogenic plant protection in India which is forbidden in the rest of the western world.

I blame them for trying to enforce a monopoly with dirty tricks. I don’t think it is a good idea that one global player has control over all the food we produce. Do you? And they have their foot in every countries door, even in Europe.

I blame them for making propaganda for children, playing down the risks of bioengineering, which some in this thread clearly see.

And if you think I am being paranoid, just do your own research on Monsanto.