yeah! im no-longer a forum newbie. :smiley:

im sorry, but who cares… 21 posts… wow, i should still be considered a newbie

Cool, hit 50 and you become a Guru, hit 500 and you’re a Monkey. Hit 666 and you’re Satan, hit 999 and you’re nearly there.


Hit 8000 and you officially have no life.

PMSL. :smiley: I can’t wait.


hehe, yea, thanks. lol.

weel I am still a newbe :smiley:

my sister says i already have no life :smiley:

I know that I have no life, I just want to reach 8000 posts and make it official…

i do have a life…so ha!
my other name…i lost the password…forgot it…but i hated being a n00b again, so i am posting stuff all the time to make it up…kinda like cubefan…uh, oh

We don’t care

I don’t think anyone with a post count over 1000 has a life. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought hit 50 you were a groupie, and hit 100 you were a guru.

Oops, sorry, double post.