Year-Long Blender Banner?

Donate blender banners here anytime and ill add them to the banner.gif!

Requirements 700x170… otherwise they’ll fit wrong

has to have something to do with blender, possibly resembling skill or sumthin? lol idk just be creative

Add your name and “Year Long Blender Tourney” to the banner somewhere. If you dont i will, but the text might not match the picture… i wont work too hard :spin:

You can either post it here or send me a PM!

Good chance that thiss banner might be used as links for this competition on the other big blender sites.

BOOYAH! I’ll see what I can too. Absolutely love designing banners.

where is the banner anyway??

@ forgottenWorld thatss the idea xD we dont have a banner so im asking the Blender community to make one to go with the tourney.
@ Robo wow lol i have no idea what to do with it so take it away

What dimensions are the banners?

@ Robo what r they? lol since u like making them soo much xD

@Purple: I’d say approximately 700x170 pixels if you want it to fit nicely into a post.

Thought you needed to ask before you make up a contest…

I don’t know much about how contests are administrated, so I’ll pass this along to someone who does, but I will say that the reason there’s no banner on the forums right now is that our new template doesn’t have any support for one.

no i was tlaaking about a banner for the contest ive been running not for the site

Here’s one, I’m not sure i like it so I may do another.

bumpidy bump bump? lol

Yeppers PB I still remembering…just gotta get this week’s tourney outta the way and then we’re on to the banner.



Here’s mine :slight_smile: in 700X170 form for a banner. I hope you like it.

Sorry, forgot to post the pic :slight_smile:

@ spaceplane For future reference, there is an edit button. =P Use it to add or update things in a post like you entries so it doesnt clutter the server memory. :wink: And i like that

@ALL add the text to it too, find a good font or something. If ya dont I will. :wink:

Ok, sorry about that. So do we need to add text or can we keep it without?

Fine w/o i can add it

Hey Purp. I thought I’d adapt my submission for this weeks challenge into a banner idea.

Suggestions anyone?


nice lol

still about a week left for anybody woondering

pull one outa the water one too if ya can anyway i liked the lights and colors in it quite a bit lol