Year-Long Blender Tourney - Week #04

Year-Long Blender Tourney - Week #03

Welcome to the Year-long Blender Tourney!

Here is all you have to do to compete

Think about what you might like to make that has to do with the given topic. If the topic were to be say “Tools”, make a Tool of anykind as well as you possibly can.

Post that said item as a picture (a thumbnail if you could) Wireframe is also required because some people like to see them for extra modeling details and future reference ideas. Feel free to add the picture via the blenderartists thumbnails (uploads), or a photobucket, etc URL. But please dont use a facebook URL… not all people use facebook.

Declare if it is your final entry or if you will be editing it further…
ADD a wireframe Link or upload.


Just to save you the trouble, go ahead and tell us all what programs, scripts, and etc that you used in the making of your project.

Have fun with everything, and remember that all voting is fair, as it is done by the other blender artists users.

–The Rules–

There will be 48 weekly challenges (none during December).

Every month, the previous 4 weekly winning images will be voted on and a monthly winner will be decided. This winner will have the next 4 weeks to create and enter his semi final entry into PurpleBat via a message. The monthly winner must enter his semi entry before the end of his 4 weeks, or the image he won the month with will be entered into the semi finals, which prolly wont be for the topic given.

When the monthly winner is given their topic, he/she must not tell any other competitors, but just work on it in private until the next months end. He will then send the entrie to PurpleBat through a message and PurpleBat will keep it safe until the last month of the challenge. PurpleBat will then Post the voting thread for the final tier of the Tourney.

Monthly winners may enter weekly challenges during this time as well, and during the rest of the year with the goal of winning more monthly challenges, thus allowing him to enter more than one image into the semi finals.

The winner of November (last monthly challenge) will have 4 weeks as well to complete his semi entry, but there will be no weekly challenges during this time that count towards the tourney. If people are dying to Blend, they can participate in a couple that i will host during december that have to do with the holidays or something of that sort.

After the November winner has entered the semi finals, a final voting thread is created. Voting will last for 2-3 weeks, extending into the new year. Sometime in early January 2012, voting will end and top dog of 2011 will be announced. During these 3 weeks the new years tourney will begin.

Note again that the final entries are held by PurpleBat until December’s End.

“Hopefully the final voting thread can get on BlenderNation so that there are lots of voters.”

Any person who would win this would surely have his name known, which helps many people get jobs and other good things.

Please enjoy this competition and everybody Vote! and Compete!

The more people we have competing year-round the more attention these competitions will draw from all around the place.

I will check on everything going on once daily. At the end of each week on Saturday at 3pm EsT American, i will close entries and open the voting thread. Afterwards the next weeks competition will begin. If it was the end of the month i will also add the monthly poll.

And Remember, you do not have to know “everything” there is to know about blender… Join even if you have just begun using blender, just so u can get some practice!

This weeks
Topic is…
Brass/wind Instuments
Examples: Trumpet, tuba, trombone, frenchhorn, flute, clarinet, sax, Harmonica (i consider it a wind instument), etc

NOTE: You must add your wireframe now. We would like to see all of the “hidden” details of your image. =P

These entries will close and the Voting will begin around 3pm Est, America on Saturday (this will be for every week as well)

Good Luck!!

Purple, you have done it again. Excellent topic!

Me likes the topic tooba!

XD … <----- see tgese dots? Theyre cuz i neeeded 10 characters a msg. Lol

Busy week for me. I don’t think I’m going to have time for this one. Great topic though. Good luck everyone.

hmmm not really sure i like this topic

I think I am the same as Spynal, too much to do too little time :slight_smile:

i had been debating about whether i should do this one or not. but since a few people aren’t entering into this one i think i should, mainly beacuse there will be less competition.

I know I could probably add more, but between school and the forum being down at times, I don’t know if I’ll get to add anymore. So this is my entry for now.


I would definetly enter, but got back from my holiday a bit late, but I will enter next weeks

@Taz, I really like it! I like the brighter update too.

2nd that. I also don’t think you would have wanted to add more, it’s not cluttered and it flows well. I like the choice in colors too. Well done.

Here is my entry :smiley:

Good luck to everyone else

That too (Templar Vaxus) is a very, very nice render!

Thanks Helix and Quandtum. I had fun with this one, and let me get away from the “cartoony” style I seem to have.



I too like the brighter one Taz, very nice indeed! Love that little bit of wood grain at the end!

Templar, yours looks like it’s a chocolate covered in golden foil!

uh oh… looks like rarebit is doing the exact same thing as me.

ok this is my final… unless i decide to change it.

and here is the wireframe (took a while to figure out a way to do it.)


Great to see some awesome entries! Must say Templar, yours is my fav :smiley:

Need to start working on my entry now lol.