Year-Long Blender Tourney Week #15

Welcome to the Year-long Blender Tourney!
To compete…

  1. Find the topic near the bottom of this post.

  2. Read and understand what is needed out of the topic, and what is not able to be entered.
    A. I will tell you if something is not permitted, and explain each week what i mean by the topic.

  3. Model you idea from the topic throughout the week given.
    A. Even if i start the new thread a bit late, they will always end on saturday… but be sure of this, the latest i will ever be is 1 day off unless Blenderartists is expieriencing difficulties.
    B. If you are unable to get/see the new topics thread, check out my facebook’s last post… It will Always be the latest weeks challenge. My Profile

  4. Post the finished project AND its wireframe to this weeks thread.
    A. You can either post them as the thumbnail or link from any site you would like to use
    your own site, Blenderartists, or anything else like photobucket, etc.
    B. We prefer you dont use Facebook or other social networks.
    C. You might as well told us what scripts, programs, etc you used… some people like to know these
    things, especially those new to CG arts.

  5. Declare if it is your final entrie if you get done early so i can go ahead and add it to the Voting thread word

  6. Then Vote for your favorite entrie, be it yours or another contestants.

Tourney Layout…
There will be 48 weekly challenges (none during December).

Every month, the previous 4 weekly winning images will be voted on and a monthly winner will be decided.
This winner will have the next 21 days/3weeks to create and enter his/her semi final entry into PurpleBat via a message.
The monthly winner must enter his/her semi entry before the end of his 21days/3weeks, or the image he won the month with will be entered into the semi finals, which prolly wont be for the topic given.

The Monthly winners…
When the monthly winner is given their topic, he/she must not tell any other competitors, but just work on it in private until his/her time is up.
He/she will then send the entrie to PurpleBat through a message and PurpleBat will keep it safe until the last month of the challenge.
PurpleBat will then Post the voting thread for the final tier of the Tourney in november.
Monthly winners may enter weekly challenges during this time as well, and during the rest of the year with the goal of winning more monthly challenges, thus allowing him/her to enter more than one image into the semi finals, but they must be different projects.

The winner of November (last monthly challenge) will have 21 days/3 weeks as well to complete his/her semi entry, but there will be no weekly challenges during this time that count towards the tourney. If people are dying to Blend, they can participate in a couple that i will host during december that have to do with the holidays or something of that sort.

After the November winner has entered the semi finals, a final voting thread is created. Voting will last for 2-3 weeks, extending into the new year. Sometime in early January 2012, voting will end and top dog of 2011 will be announced. During these 3 weeks the new years tourney will begin.
“Hopefully the final voting thread can get on BlenderNation so that there are lots of voters.”

the entrie that was posted/edited first and finished will get the spot in the next tier of the tourney. UNLESS they were both finished within the same hour… if that occurs, both entries will move on!

Please enjoy this competition and everybody Vote! and Compete!

And Remember, you do not have to know “everything” there is to know about blender… Join even if you have just begun using blender, just so u can get some practice!

This weeks
Topic is…
The Virtual World
…Yea i watched Tron lol
But don’t think you can only do the tron grid make anything you’d like that has to do with virtual reality!

These entries will close and the Voting will begin around 9 pm Est, America on Saturday (this will be for every week as well)

Good Luck!!

Title: For the love of Acid Burn…


It needs some tweeks, but…

P.S. This Acid Burn

Wow rarebit that is inspiring. It’s also funny how a few days ago I was day dreaming of this epic render that I wanted to make and now I come and look here and the topic is Virtual World (which = my idea) plus rarebit goes ahead and gives me brain juices. Thanks bro.

Hopefully will find the time to put something together for this week :slight_smile:


I’m afraid that I won’t have enough time to make further changes, so I’ll go ahead and post this.

Title: “Jacked In”

The only thing I didn’t make was Suzanne of course and I also used the Suicidator City Generator for the background city. I actually spent a lot of time on the cable, thinking that my scene layout would focus on that more, but then changed the layout. This is the first time I’ve used the city generator for anything. Grid look was created by using a wire material. Pretty easy, but pretty effective I think for this type of scene. :wink:

Wow! It actually happened!

Image -->

Wire -->


Happy Mother’s day! :smiley:


Nice Robo, reminds me of someone’s Malibu beach house, love the furniture…

Wow!, nice work guys! Now I have to participate.

Here it is, “Virtual World” full size image

Really just an experiment…


sorry for the late stuff again guys ill get them up sometime this evening.

Wow HELIX, that is beast. Particles?


Thanks Robo! No particles, just wire meshes, a one vert halo with settings, and some defocus.

Your image is virtually amazing :slight_smile: I’m glad you found time this week.

Well i have a problem guys…

As i was cleaning the other day i accidently bumped into my computer desk and my computer fell off and KABLOOSH

i now have no means od doing thw tournment

I cant cope with do everythin on my iPod which has been the prob for a coupl weeks along with school finals.

So can i relinquish my place to somebod till i can afford to replac?

Ill be back as soo as i can.


ps ill wath thread till replacment.

Some questions :

Do we have to render with BlenderInternal for those contests or we can use any renderer ?
Is this contest still “open” ? Iwould like to participate…

@xavvo: You probably still can get an image in based on PurpleBat’s last post. Maybe you have a day or two. I’m not sure if you’re limited to Blender Internal because I don’t see anything in the rules about it. Try it and see if anyone objects. :wink:

ok, thanks deltaray. i’ll try, then. here is my entry.

this is a machine that can create your own virtual world ! i would like to give the oportunity to anyone to create his personal kind of life. way too hard to invent a virtual world … =)


As far as I am aware you can use whatever renderer you like.
Since there are still a few days before the end of this contest, yes you can still enter.

I am willing to run this tourney for a few weeks. Unless you think there is a person more suitable.

My entry this weeks is:

Virtual Eye
I am trying to show how the world is only how we see it, so it may well not exist.

Righteho, here are the wires (not that they show much)

You may chose not to accept this entry, because of the high level of PP and the fact that the reflection was added in afterwards. (I had already made it about a month ago)
But the eye is new.

I’m game for you to do it sdfgsdfg!

So what is the closing point, etc…

well sdfgsdfg feel free for a while until i can get my pc repaired its in the shop now should be back soon…

Just uh close it saturday at 9 pm est us if its possible for you.

You can come up with the topic for next weeks.
We still need last weeks voteing thread.
And when I come back ill handle the monthly stuff we’re behind there too.

Thanks its much appreciated!