Year-Long Blender Tourney Week #18

Year-Long Blender Tourney Week #18
Welcome to the Year-long Blender Tourney!
To compete…

  1. Find the topic near the bottom of this post.

  2. Read and understand what is needed out of the topic, and what is not able to be entered.
    A. I will tell you if something is not permitted, and explain each week what i mean by the topic.

  3. Model you idea from the topic throughout the week given.
    A. Even if i start the new thread a bit late, they will always end on Saturday… but be sure of this, the latest i will ever be is 1 day off unless Blenderartists is experiencing difficulties.
    B. If you are unable to get/see the new topics thread, check out my (Purplebat’s) Facebook pages last post… It will always be the latest weeks challenge. My Profile

  4. Post the finished project AND its wire-frame to this weeks thread.
    A. You can either post them as the thumbnail or link from any site you would like to use
    your own site, Blenderartists, or anything else like photobucket, etc.
    B. We prefer you don’t use Facebook or other social networks.
    C. You might as well told us what scripts, programs, etc you used… some people like to know these
    things, especially those new to CG arts.

  5. Declare if it is your final entry if you get done early so i can go ahead and add it to the Voting thread word

  6. Then Vote for your favorite entry, be it yours or another contestants.

Tourney Layout…
There will be 48 weekly challenges (none during December).

Every month, the previous 4 weekly winning images will be voted on and a monthly winner will be decided.
This winner will have the next 21 days/3weeks to create and enter his/her semi final entry into PurpleBat via a message.
The monthly winner must enter his/her semi entry before the end of his 21days/3weeks, or the image he won the month with will be entered into the semi finals, which probably wont be for the topic given.

The Monthly winners…
When the monthly winner is given their topic, he/she must not tell any other competitors, but just work on it in private until his/her time is up.
He/she will then send the entry to PurpleBat through a message and PurpleBat will keep it safe until the last month of the challenge.
PurpleBat will then Post the voting thread for the final tier of the Tourney in November.
Monthly winners may enter weekly challenges during this time as well, and during the rest of the year with the goal of winning more monthly challenges, thus allowing him/her to enter more than one image into the semi finals, but they must be different projects.

The winner of November (last monthly challenge) will have 21 days/3 weeks as well to complete his/her semi entry, but there will be no weekly challenges during this time that count towards the tourney. If people are dying to Blend, they can participate in a couple that i will host during December that have to do with the holidays or something of that sort.

After the November winner has entered the semi finals, a final voting thread is created. Voting will last for 2-3 weeks, extending into the new year. Sometime in early January 2012, voting will end and top dog of 2011 will be announced. During these 3 weeks the new years tourney will begin.
“Hopefully the final voting thread can get on BlenderNation so that there are lots of voters.”

the entry that was posted/edited first and finished will get the spot in the next tier of the tourney. UNLESS they were both finished within the same hour… if that occurs, both entries will move on!

Please enjoy this competition and everybody Vote! and Compete!

And Remember, you do not have to know “everything” there is to know about blender… Join even if you have just begun using blender, just so u can get some practice!

This weeks
Topic is…


These entries will close and the Voting will begin around 9 pm Est, America on Saturday (this will be for every week as well)

Good Luck!!

Purplebat is currently not able to run these contests, due to technical issues, so I will step into until he has those sorted out.

Great theme, i’m in…

Me too! It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Superman!

Got to be the first non-abstract one I have come up with so far. PM me any suggestions for future topics.

Well idk if ill ever get back now The pcs hooked up and all but when i get On the forum it goes all kablooey with whacky symbols Kinda like when a word file foes corrupt but doesnt lock u out. Ill stay i touch now but im still unsure of running the tourney lol And great job thus far sdfgsdfg I like the topics Think i might enter this one LOL Gunna be hard to upload tho Hrm

Feel free to enter your own contest…
I’m fine with running this at the moment, but just tell me when you want to take it back over.

Iim workin on whats causing it nvr seen sumthin like it ill attempt to upload something from my ipod tomorow

Am I on me todd?

This will be a whip, er WIP…

We have a grand total of one entry. If anyone else wants to enter I’ll leave it open for another few hours.

Not much time this week but I said I would, so here it is. Took about 10 minutes :slight_smile:


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Of course! :slight_smile:

I was making this but … didnt had time to detail it and render it properly :frowning:

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@Flavio, there is a high probability that there was more than one.

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Sorry for being so slack with closing this contest.
It is now officially closed, and a voting thread etc will be up soon