Year-Long Blender Tourney Week #23

I’ll spare the usual long intro this week. If you really want to read it, have a look at one of the past tourneys (under #21)

In Short:
Make a model related to the topic in some way
Enter it here, preferably with wireframes. If you are posting for crits then say so, and tell us which is your final
The entries will close and the Voting will begin around 9 pm Est, America on Saturday.
Depending on if Purplebat re-emerges, there may or may not be a contest between the monthly winners.

The Topic:

Have fun…

so many bakes so much RAM, so many render and still looks unfinished, anyways will post when finished.

I went with the less-processor heavy method. Definitely not as impressive as it could be.

I never could conjure up a good scene to set up around it (all the ones I tried just look, well…wrong). Anyways, unless crits make me change it, it’s my final entry.

Hello! :slight_smile: My submission is a TOP SECRET photo of the ellusive “parasitis humungous” xD Enjoy, but remember it’s a SECRET;D

Spent about half a week altering previous model/backing etc, the rest of the time rendering.

I have a file output so could replace the starts but don’t have time.

My entry:

What Sid (Toy Story) would have done to his toys as a toddler.

I almost forgot, here’s how far I got yesterday…


Would that close time be the same as Washington time?

No idea. I just close it on Monday and let people have the extra time. (that’s not an excuse to be late guys) so an hour or two probably won’t matter.