Year-Long Blender Tourney Week #24

I’ll spare the usual long intro this week. If you really want to read it, have a look at one of the past tourneys (under #21)

In Short:
Make a model related to the topic in some way
Enter it here, preferably with wireframes. If you are posting for crits then say so, and tell us which is your final
The entries will close and the Voting will begin around 9 pm Est, America on Saturday.
Depending on if Purplebat re-emerges, there may or may not be a contest between the monthly winners.

The Topic:

“On or Off?”

Have fun…

Here’s my entry.

Here is my entry ;D


Here is a non competitive entry (I didn’t create the model)


It seems to me that purplebat has vanished.
Does anyone else want to continue to run them?
I will probably stop soon, as I was originally just going to do them while he sorted out technical issues, and don’t really have the motivation to manage it every week.

So, who wants to take over?

Is this contest still open?

Not this particular one, I should have put up next weeks, but as I said in the last post I don’t really want to continue, as I was just a temporary fill in at the time.

Yes I read that. I was just wondering if this one is still on. So by now no one has reported that he wants to run the contest? That’s too bad. I would if I had more experience :slight_smile:

@ sdfgsdfg
I’ll do it. Hm I can still enter them if i run them right. If not that’s okay, I never got much of a chance to enter these challenges.

Yes you can enter, purplebat often did.

Awsome! Thanks Keenan B. ! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I may turn up from time to time to enter and see how you’re going

@ staxxer
Your welcome.
Okay so this thread never did get a voting poll. So I guess I’ll just put it up now. Or should I just shift the entry deadline and start a new one?

Up to you… How about somehow combining these two topics (if you go that way…)

Just make the two seperate voting polls and then start next weeks? :slight_smile: