yellow glider

(Paul_C) #1

This is nearing completion, so I thought I’d post it. It wil feature in an up-coming short film. It’s also one of my first successful attempts at texturing.

Hope you all can see it! Tell me what you think!

If you cannot see it, go to this link - it’s my gallery.


(stukkm) #2

i like it. it looks pretty cool, though i can’t say that seat looks too comfortable :wink:

(pofo) #3

Looks pretty nice
I like the back part alot, the front part less. And the steering thingies look like they won’t turn.
Since it seems as if the engine and stuff is all packed in the back, maybe you could make the front less “solid looking”. And/or put on a couple of steering jets (I don’t know, maybe you already have those underneath).
The jets in the back don’t go very well with the angular look of the rest.

  1. pofo