yellow grid??

I’m new with blender, so i’m not too good at it. I’ve been wanting to animate this model, but for some reason, the arms wont animate. What are the “yellow grid” on the arms? How do i remove it so i can animate the arms?


Just Tab out of Edit mode, or click the right-hand icon with four dots in the Armature Modifier (read its tooltip).


Can I have that blend file?
Its Cactar! (spelling?)

It isn’t in edit mode. It is in Object mode, and it’s deselected. Yet, it still wont animate. HELP!

xD it’s spelled Cactuar. It’s VERRRRRRRY basic, just a bunch of subsurfed cubes put together. i started blender last week, so i’m still learning the basics. :smiley:

Could you please post the blend?

If you don’t have your own webspace use that site and post the link to the file here.


enjoy :smiley: …and pls help so i can finish this project! xD

Ok, the “yellow grid” seems to be the wires, you must have set them yellow in User Prefs, Theme.

You have no Modifier (like Armature) with which to animate the object so, if you want to do it that way (without modifier) then you’ll have to use Shape Keys. What you have done so far is to Keyframe the Object Data of each object. That only opperates on the Object itself and not the Mesh, ie, if you key the arms to rotate then both arms will rotate because they are two parts of the same object.

Go here:

and in the Intro section do the "First Anim in 30 + 30. You can adapt and use your character very easily to the rigging part of that tut.


mwahahaha I gots the cactuar!