Yellow rose

I couldn’t get the material of the rose any better so I guess it’s finished. I was going to make it white, but I liked the yellow color more.


Cool, but it is too dark.

You should use this gold material i made… :smiley: I threw in some models as an example. In my opinion, it looks like you used that one rose tutorial ive seen before, but its not bad none the less. :smiley: You just need to fix the lighting(hemni or sun imo)


edit: woah. you changed the topic to yellow rose instead of gold rose. nvm bout what i said

I added in a vase with the rose.

The rose buds looks blurred, but i like the vase. mabe you used the wrong texture. But dont use the gold texture eiter. Try making it red or white aswel.

Just a suggestion.[/list]

red rose with a white background would look cool…