Yep, another face model

This has takin me week on and off after school i followd the joan of ark tutorial but then did some minor personal touches too make it look sortov toonish. Im still not sure as to wether i shuld model the hair or to use particles so suggestions there would be supa

ive had an account on this site for a while but have harldy posted anythin so hopin to get more involved here

all crits and comments welcome!!



How about something like this?

I think both modeled hair and particle hair looks good. Why not try both and see which one you like best?

Remeber to put set smooth on before rendering…

Regarding hair, I’m ending up using a combination of both modeled and particles – it’s really a matter of what look you want for your character. If you use the new hair system in the SVN builds, the Strand setting allows for variable thicknesses in Blender units, this can lend a great deal of visual style to the hair, it doesn’t have to be “photo-realistic.”

@ Rodicul: ive made some of ur suggested adjustments but im waiting till ive done a bit more work on the head/hair b4 i post an updated picture
@ Concept 3D: the solid shiny look was kinda wot i was goin for, for now at least anyway
@chipmasque : thanks for the tip i might just wait till the latest blender comes out and in the mean time work on having a more chunky hairstyle modelled
If i could get some more comments on the face itself thatd be mega helpful as i want that to be pretty much done before i go onto hair

Here are some of the minor adjutsments ive made
please can i have a few more replys :smiley:



It looks pretty good now. The only major thing I miss is some detail on the lower eyelid. Like the white area in this picture:

@Rodicul: sorry havnt been on in a while and didnt see ya post ill b sure to give some more attention to the eyelids

here is my latest work on the project i decided to 4get the hair for now and follow the rest of the tutorial to make the body
so here’s what i have so far im struggling with the arm pit area, everything ive read about 3d animation and moddeling says to avoid tri’s as much as possible but becauese the tut is with 3ds max and it seems in that program u can have 5 vertex’s to a poly (am i wrong) but because u cant in blender i kept gettin tri’s when i dont want them so help there would b gr8
any other crits are welcome as well!!