yes a landscape question

ok i have tried a few different ways of doing this. the most promising thing is terragen. i have a problem with it. i got the blender plugin and followed the instructions on what to import and where. i get the landscape but the textures are not showing up. not in preview or render or textured mode. is there a solution for that?

also a different way i did it which is alot more time consuming and i didnt like the over all effect. is i made a heightmap in GIMP and put it in blend added it as a texure and applied the noise effect to it. i tried to do the alpha blend in the texture section so i could have the mountain be grass and lower area be gravel. that problem was and i couldnt get it to render without warping the image. i tried to fool around with all the diffent buttons… uv…globe…etc. but i couldnt get rid of the stretch.

i then tried to uvmap the landscape and that didnt go so well… in blender i tried the normal unwrap and the warp was even more pronounced. i tried to do the 1x1 and it was better but where the land went down far it stretched that area… i know i can go in and cut it up but then i dont know how to cut up the image to match.
last effort was i took the uv image texture i created and just added it as a texture to the landscape and that so far has turned alright. still alittle blur here and there but overall the image came out ok… the thing i had a hard time on is the creation of the image and its really not for this forum, but needless to say i didnt like the blend (the gravel was supposed to be lighter but the alpha blended the grass in it and made it darker)
anyway i was going to show a pic but i see i cant load one. i dont have a pic share site(and im too tired to do one… put a sample on my avatar so you can get a idea.

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