Yes another drinking fountain

If anyone is wondering, we are taking a class for digital rendering and our instructor is having us post our stuff on the forum so that we can get feedback from as many people as possible. So for these images we were working on brushed metal, as well as setting up a “photo shoot” you know with a large box around t to simulate what it things would be like in a really shoot, to the those types of reflections, and then also we just rendered it without the box on a plane. Any suggestions, or comments??
In the box
With just the plane

Alright so now we were asked to take the drinking fountain we rendered and put it into the hallway it came from in our school. I am posting two images, one of the original rendering, and one after I used the nodes to change the image.


looks great imo, I like the one with the plane better. Could we see some material and light specs? I’m having trouble with that kind of material as well.

things you could do to improve the second image is to use a higher resolution texture(or tile the procedural more) make the door look a little les bright, and put a frame under it as well, and maybe align the texures of the tiles against the wall a bit better. And rotate the poster so it’s readable and add some more maybe…