yes im a noob, i think this is an easy question.

yeah what im trying to do. is take the turtle that i have modeled. out of the blend file that it’s in and move it into another clean new blend file.
? is this possible?

You need to use the basics & interface or modeling forum.
It’s not really news to use file/append/ open your .blend, browse to mesh/object, select all (ctrl/a) append. Your object is now in your new file.

Yes, is is easy when you know that the function is calle appending, in the case of a full copy or linking in the case of importing a simple instance.



sorryy i really didn’t get what you just wrote. i know realise that it’s in the wrong spot. my bad…
so i have to
open blender…
click on file append or link. open up the file witht eh turtle in it atm…
then what.?

append or link
open your .blend
press mesh
ctrl/a to select all mesh objects
load library

yay LOL took more a while cheers mate… ill look foward to posting in coreect areas next time…