Yes, it might be convenient to have all your software via the cloud; Until it crashes

This just in, people have been unable to access their adobe documents or even their apps. since the Creative Cloud went down nearly a day ago.

Now I can see potential benefits to the cloud for businesses and users, that in quickly adding more licenses and being kept up to date, but it’s surely not helping Adobe’s case when businesses are losing money because of a sudden loss of access.

Now one might wonder how this affects Photoshop users, some of their applications right now require you to log-in to your cloud account, which consequently means if it’s down, you have the digital equivalent of a paperweight.

So is the cloud still a good idea providing it’s done right?

I think cloud computing is good for certain tasks. It’s extremely useful for editing documents with multiple people or working on collaborative projects. But if you’re not collaborating on a project, why would you use CC?

  • It’s not cheaper to ‘rent’ Photoshop on CC compared to buying CS6, which you own forever. Student discounts and various deals offset the cost even more

  • Once your internet connection falters you are stuck without your files, which is really frustrating. Even on campus the internet can be completely fail, so who knows what info or time you’ll lose

  • If you have a data cap, which for people not living in a city is quite common then you’ll go through gigabytes of data

Of course there are many other reasons why it’s rubbish but these are some of the big ones.
This turned into a bit of a rant about Creative Cloud itself but the basic problems apply to any cloud software. If a company decides to develop a cloud version of its software it should also have a version you buy outright! I hope other companies don’t follow in the path of Adobe.

If it’s done right I think the Cloud concept still has its benefits and uses. I find Dropbox very useful for example, but if Dropbox goes down it is a mere inconvenience rather than potentially crippling; I still have access to all my files, I just can’t sync them is all.

I don’t think Creative Cloud is done right at all though.