Yes, it's a house.

yes i made a house…i like it but…i dunno about you…so i decided to post it :smiley: enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s pretty good. I think despite the gloomy recession outlook thanks to the oversupply of houses that was once exponentially overpriced, you may be able to sell this one at a tidy profit.

Haha thanks kbot(btw wats a recessions besides the obvious down-flow of money and stuff?)–Got some more done…added a desk computer stereo…keyboard mouse and receiver…fixed lighting abit…and yea enjoy!


Bit more…the render too way to long so i canceled it…but of course it was almost done…


nice, certainly better than the house i attemped

its great

Thanks :smiley: heres abit more…added quick base baseboards and a plant that i downloaded…(i added the pot :p)


Seems oddly similiar to mine…

which is yours?

edit: Oh yea, i just saw yours…i guess you can say they look the same…but only the shape of the room…nothing else really…and maybe the light in the hall way

Well, I wasn’t mad or anything lol, just thought there was some resemblance.

And i’d recommend you use Indigo.

Oh lol, i thought you were mad…sorry :stuck_out_tongue: why indigo, is it faster?

i would make the walls thicker, the desk top is as thick as the walls. a wall should be about 4 1/2 inches thick, yours looks like 1 inch.

Indigo Render Engine> Blender Internal engine.

heres a little update, sorry for the little while…indigo is too complicated…and i dont get it either…all this exporting and stuff…it takes forever also…maybe im doing something wrong but right now im not too pleased with what it has done for me…but either way here it is…enjoy!


wow, that’s looking a lot better…a little gray, though. Whatever you want to keep gray, you can still vary the lightness.

And a note to the layout…why is there a computer in the middle of a hallway in front of a mirror (or window(?!)

Yea about the color, usually i model then color…but sometimes i get abit bored and color…in this case i guess ihavent got too bored yet :stuck_out_tongue: and about the layout…if i knew i’d tell oyu :stuck_out_tongue:

No comments or crits about anything?..any ideas?

It looks pretty good! That desk needs a chair next.

Maybe try using a 50 mm camera and see what happens to the render. It gives something closer to the human eye type of view.

Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

50mm camera?