yes it's the truth

blender game engine is not a very powerfull one…loock at the games made by ogre or crystal space the are amaizing!!!
also blender game engine have many bugs and he crash all the time…
but he is the easiest one to devollep games

so…basically this is a topic bashing the blenger game engine?

you need to be hit in the head with a crowbar if that was your intention.

no man but it’s the truth…my intention to make the guys who are devollepping the game engine to do their best!!!

it didn’t sound like that at all.

I agree.
I read that and was like WTF?! I’m gonna punch you in the face.

so…you are right Blender sucks… SO GET OFF THIS WEBSITE FAG!!!

Hi there tworaf you are saying that blender Game engine suck’s it may have some stuff that needs Fixing. But in other words all engine’s are good if you really know how to use them.
look at this image :

Seccond off The post is off Topic.

And if this engine suck’s then why are you using it stop trying to say that blender’s game engine suck’s I should know and all that use blenders game engine that it’s pretty powerfull if you know how to use it.

And blender is a good software for a free program most software’s out there are paid for. Yes crystal blend is going to make a nice defference in the game engine but I believe that it’s still in testing or somthing.

Now if blender is not good enough for you why don’t you go buy
Unreal Engine Try making a game on that thing. I doubt you will be able to make one by yourself blender you can make pretty good games by your self if you have the time you dont need to crack your head that much about the coding here and there since python is pretty simple and most high teach engine’s require a very good understanding about visual c++ ect…

So once again if you dont know nothing about blender dont post anything. >:-/

I was wondering Elysiun dude’s did they change the name of this forum site :S ? Cause I dont wana be the only one here still saying Elysiun :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with everyone except the topic creator… gg

Blender is powerful in the right hands. I guess you don’t have those hands. Just remember, blender has no magical “make me a cool game” button. It involves a lot of work.

Flame ON!!

how dare someone bash our beloved game engine! :mad::mad::mad:

The game engine will become a lot more powerful by the end of the year. Erwin’s going to make the engine a plugin system for plugging in of other game engines and putting in physics enhancements like compounds and Snailrose is working on OGRE intergration.

Oh, and Jorrit has plans for intergrating Crystal Space with Blender, so the two engines you mentioned are on their way to going in.

It’s true that the BGE is limited (to say the least), especially when you compare it with things like “Crystal Space” and “Ogre”. Although I think that one of the main reasons why many still cling to it, is blenders shere simplicity and ease of use.

I moved to Ogre about a week ago, and I just now figured out how to “properly” set up my VC++ 8 IDE to use the OgreSDK. Also knowing C++ syntax will not help you all that much, since most of the programming you will be doing is in conjuction with the OgreAPI, (Which to me looks like a whole other programming language in itself.) The ogrewiki is also written for somewhat experienced programmers, so in turn not just anyone can go build something and watch it in action, where in blender anyone with reading skills ussually can.

The point is; not everyone has the time to go learn C++ along with the API of a specific engine. Sure it is “better”, but only when you have it mastered in one aspect or another. Blender provides an alternative for a hobbyist of game design, who might not have the kind of time that you might have. Also, it is my belief that people using blender ussually tend to focus more on gameplay rather than graphics anyway, so I think that in that sence neither one of them feels all that restricted.
(correct me if I’m wrong).

It’s just a matter of preference.

I’m not sure about crystal space, but you should keep in mind that Ogre is a “Graphics Engine”, not a game engine like blender’s, which means that they really don’t fall in the same category, and therefore should not be compared at all.

:eek: :eek: :eek: hey im not attacking blender game engine i just said that they must do many things to improvet… i feel like it’s a war in here!!!

Seem’s that tworaf Has not answered back. :stuck_out_tongue: And Maby tworaf dose not have the right hand’s to biuld somthing good on blender’s GE :stuck_out_tongue: Just like blender_rox Said ;).

Hi there I am back and o.O I never seen Elsyiun Reply this fast before lol Anways I agree with everone execpt for tworaf. And yes as Social Said and I said to use other engine’s you need to basicly master or have a good understanding of Visaul C++ so on and so forth.

My question is now this :stuck_out_tongue: :

Is this forum still called Elysiun Or dose it have a new name :stuck_out_tongue: Cause I dont wana be the only one here calling it by the old name :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway’s I will say this everybody has gota post this fast for all thread’s ^^ :P. Hope somone answer’s back :stuck_out_tongue: and help’s me with me question :P.

wow thats a lot of “:P”'s lol

anyway, i think its still called elysiun, or anyway, everyone still calls it that

back on topic, tworaf, dont flame the game engine, keep in mind that this is a totally FREE thing. If the people on the blender design team were being paid for it, the game engine would probably be really awesome.

anyways, hes probably not responding because hes been kicked </guess> :p:p:eek:

that’s right im a beginner with blender and im going to be crazy with his game engine:when i start my game i have a white screen or my objects don’t appear coreectly or my character fall off from the ground…

i have a gforce 2 128 mb ram pentuim 3

Have you tried a tutorial? Everything is white because you have to change it to textured view, not solid. People fall through the ground when you use Sumo engine, and put sphere bounds too small. Just try to answer your questions before blaming the tools.

it’s in the textured view i don’t use the sumo engine im not putting sphere bounds too small… i’ve tried many tutorials…

i have somthing to say:why people don’treply for my questions when i need help in this forum or they just said go and search!!!