Yes,yes, another TB model: UPDATE

I’ve managed to finish lip-syncing a song to the model and add some basic head movement. Hopefully during the future I’ll be able to put in some extra facial expression and emphasis.

That’s an interesting woman. o.O

Lip syncing isn’t bad, though.

…obviously you’ve never watched Corpse Bride. Thanks for the comment though

…Oh. She’s from–? Ohhhh. Ok. I see now.

EDIT: Yes, it makes more sense now. XD Sorry about that.

LOL - we’ve all been there.

Just so you know, your video won’t appear in Firefox…

I looked at your source code and you have a lot of uppercase tags, which is a bad idea.

Yeah, but you can also download it, the link should be underneath where the media player is.

Nope, the link doesn’t work in Firefox either. I had to switch over to IE in order to even click on the link!

Another stills update: